Darrell Williams, Ex-OSU Basketball Player, To Be Freed In Rape Case

is reporting that Darrell Williams, a former Oklahoma State University basketball star accused of raping two girls in 2010, was given a one-year suspended sentence on Friday morning and was released from jail.

The 23-year-old Williams was convicted in July 2012 on counts of rape by instrumentation and sexual battery.

Two women accused the athlete of groping them and reaching inside their pants without their consent at a party in December 2010.

Williams has since maintained his innocence, insisting the incident was a case of mistaken identity as he and his fellow OSU basketball players all wore similar warmup clothes. In August, Williams also had requested a new trial based on what his attorneys said was new evidence.

Though Payne County District Judge Phillip Corley denied Williams’ request for a new trial, he did give him a sentence that allowed him to avoid prison time.

Williams received two one-year sentences to be served at the same time. Both were suspended.

Corley also ordered Williams to register as a Level 1 sex offender, deemed the least dangerous, for at least 15 years.

Following the sentencing, defense attorney Cheryl Ramsey said she was “very upset” by the result and would appeal.

Ramsey said she wants a new trial so Williams can have the opportunity to be found not guilty and have his name cleared.

Williams is expected to return to Chicago and register for the necessary programs there.

Oklahoma State’s basketball team, for which Williams was expected to star before his conviction, is set to begin practice today without him.

OSU coach Travis Ford, who suspended Darrell in 2011, testified at Williams’ trial saying he believed he was innocent.

via Washington Post