Tamra Judge To Play Dirty At ‘RHOC’ Reunion: Meets With Psychic Before Reunion Special

Tamra Judge wants to be ready for the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, which films today. The ladies are getting together to confront some of the issues that have played out on the show and it sounds like Tamra wants to be ready when it comes to Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd. Last season, Judge was convinced that Brooks Ayers was lying about having cancer and she was desperately trying to get her friend to see that she had just been a victim of his scheme. This season, however, Tamra may not be as understanding and forgiving as last season.

According to a new Instagram post, Tamra Judge has now been caught with her psychic the night before the reunion special. While Judge herself didn’t post the image to Instagram, her celebrity stylist did share the picture, which shows herself with Shannon Beador, her psychic and her makeup artist. And the stylist wrote that Judge and Shannon were getting some serious insight for the reunion.

“There’s nothing better [than] spending pre-reunion eve then with Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and celebrity psychic, giving the #RHOC some serious insight for the reunion,” Julius Michael wrote on Instagram, who is a celebrity stylist for some of the women.

This is the same psychic who just didn’t feel it when it came to Brooks having cancer. While he couldn’t exactly say that Ayers didn’t have cancer, he said that something felt off and that it just didn’t feel right. His words were quickly turned into “a psychic says that Brooks doesn’t have cancer,” which wasn’t what he said. But his words quickly became the driving force behind the criticism and skepticism. And it sounds like Vicki saw Tamra and Shannon meeting up with the psychic before the reunion, as she reached out to the stylist.


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“Hmmm?? Really?? Nothing better??” Vicki Gunvalson asked on Twitter after seeing her former friends with the psychic, to which the stylist wrote back, “actually no ones talking about the reunion at all. I just got here.”

It sounds like Tamra Judge trusts whatever her psychic Scott has to say to her, so it is possible that he will give her some valuable information about Vicki and Kelly that she can use during the reunion special. She has previously given him credit for his work on social media.

“Scott Cruz – Psychic Medium YOU CALLED IT “I JUST DONT SEE IT”! #‎TRUTHALWAYSCOMESOUT,” Tamra Judge had previously said about Brooks’ cancer diagnosis and her psychic’s ability to catch him.

On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Judge always said that she felt that he was a con man. Maybe she has similar feelings about Dodd, which is why she’s now meeting up with a psychic to get the scoop on her co-stars. And one can imagine that she’s ready to play dirty if things progress.

“I can’t say I am shocked,” Judge has previously said about Brooks Ayers’ story, according to Bravo, adding, “I’ve always said, ‘If he has cancer I hope he gets better and if he doesn’t…I still hope he gets better.’ From day one I called him out. I felt he was a con man. I could see it in his eyes and nothing he said was making sense. He’s a charmer, but then you get to know him and after a while his stories don’t add up. In the end, I stopped questioning him as much, started accepting him for Vicki [Gunvalson]. I knew that if I let go, he would do it to himself. It’s very hard to tell exactly what Vicki did or didn’t know.”

What do you think of Tamra Judge’s decision to meet with her psychic before the reunion special?

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