iPad Mini To Be Announced On October 23 [Report]

Is Apple ready to unveil the iPad Mini? A new report claims that the company will be announcing its new miniature tablet at a special event on October 23.

Forbes notes that this is just a few days before the Microsoft Surface hits stores.

All Things D writes: “People familiar with Apple’s plans tell us that the company will unveil the so-called “iPad mini” on Oct. 23 at an invitation-only event.”

The location of the event hasn’t been confirmed by Fox News predicts that it will likely be held at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium where the company unveiled products like the iPhone 4s, OS X Lion, and a next-generation Macbook Air. The company already made its big Fall announcement this year for the iPhone 5 and the new iPod line, complete with a performance by the Foo Fighters, at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center For the Arts.

The iPad Mini event is expected to be a little smaller.

Which makes sense since industry experts aren’t expecting the iPad Mini to be a ground breaking device. Little is known about the potential tablet except for the fact that it will be a little smaller and will cost a little less.

Apple plans on using the iPad Mini to cast a wider net into the technology pool. The new tablet will be aimed at people who do not want to pay for an iPad. The iPad Mini will compete with products like the Kindle Fire.

Are you excited for the new iPad Mini? You can see some leaked photos of the new tablet here.