Meghan King Edmonds Defends Shannon Beador: Lizzie Rovsek And Gretchen Rossi Says Shannon Has Changed

Meghan King Edmonds missed out on much of the drama in Ireland on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she stands firm that her friends did nothing wrong. After watching this week’s episode, many viewers are confused as to why Shannon Beador would continue to order alcohol for Kelly Dodd when she repeatedly said that she didn’t want any alcohol.

Some people felt that it was a scheme constructed by Tamra Judge, who had previously wanted to get Gretchen Rossi completely drunk so she could act ridiculous on The Real Housewives of Orange County. But Tamra denied any involvement and Shannon claimed that she just wanted to have some fun on their last night in Ireland.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that she had no idea as to why Beador would try to get Kelly drunk in Ireland, but some of Shannon’s former co-stars have an idea as to why. It isn’t the first time that she’s been accused of drinking too much and Dodd did call her an alcoholic on the show once before. Even though Meghan King Edmonds doesn’t understand why it was so important for her to push the alcohol on Kelly, a few former housewives couldn’t even recognize Shannon’s behavior.

“I don’t really understand why Shannon wanted to get Kelly drunk… she knows that normally ends badly,” King Edmonds wrote on Twitter earlier this week, sharing that she had no idea what was going through her friend’s mind as she kept ordering double shots.


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“I feel very sorry for Shannon. I have no idea who that woman has become,” Lizzie Rovsek replied to Meghan King Edmonds a few days later, sharing that she barely recognized the person who she had become, to which Gretchen Rossi added, “sadly she’s being influenced by the wrong person.”

Of course, Gretchen is referring to Tamra Judge, who just so happens to be training for a fitness competition and didn’t drink as much on the trip. Before going down to dinner, Judge did make the comment that they were all wearing black for Kelly’s funeral, but she never said that she had any plans of making a fool of her co-star. Many people saw this as the ladies getting ready to take down Dodd, as they were clearly not happy with her presence in Ireland. And Meghan had no interest in hearing about these negative comments.

“Shannon is my friend, ladies. If u talk smack ab her pls don’t tag me,” Meghan King Edmonds wrote back to both Lizzie and Gretchen, to which Rovsek replied, “love ya Meg, but it was just a response to your comment. Didn’t know u were friends.”

King Edmonds may not be close friends with Beador, but she’s close enough to her that she doesn’t want to listen to the former housewives talking about her current co-star. Since this is Meghan’s second season, she never got to film a season with Lizzie Rovsek and Gretchen Rossi and she may not understand everything that happened years ago between the ladies. But it is interesting that Lizzie feels that her former co-star has changed, especially since David Beador was caught cheating on her with a married woman and there are now rumors that he abuses her.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds defending Shannon Beador’s behavior even though she doesn’t understand why she kept pushing the alcohol on her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star? Do you think Beador was trying to get her co-star drunk even though she says she just wanted to have fun?

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