Robert 'Bob' McClancy: 'Dateline NBC' Ex-Military Man Murdered In Fake PTSD Suicide By Wife Martha Ann Kaczmarczyk And Her Lover, Chuck In Tennessee

Traciy Reyes

Robert "Bob" McClancy was a former military man who was killed by his wife, Martha Ann, and her lover, Charles 'Chuck' Kaczmarczyk. The case will be aired on Dateline NBC this Friday. Authorities say Robert McClancy died in his home in Tennessee 10 years ago, but the case took years to solve. His death was thought to be an overdose of PTSD medications until it was revealed that his wife and her lover, who was also the victim's good friend, had concocted an elaborate scheme to collect Bob McClancy's military benefits. Martha Ann and Chuck later married. Today, 66-year-old Martha Ann and 61-year-old Chuck Kaczmarczyk are serving time in prison. On Dateline's episode "Secrets In The Smoky Mountains," you'll hear from Bob McClancy's adopted son, Sean McGavic, and from law enforcement officials who relentlessly pursued the case.

May 2006: Tellico Plains, Tennessee

56-year-old Robert McClancy, also known as Bob McClancy, was found dead in his home. 911 operators received a call from Bob McClancy's friend, Chuck Kaczmarczyk, stating that he had found his friend dead. When investigators arrived at the home located on Unicoi Lake Road in Tellico Plains, they found the victim in his recliner chair with pills and a gun in his hands, according to WATE-6.

The body was transported to the coroner's office, where it was determined that Robert McClancy died of an overdose of medications for post-traumatic stress disorder. Robert McClancy was an ex-military man who often took classes to manage his stress.

Suicide Or Murder?

However, detectives were struck by the death scene, which didn't seem to match what Chuck Kaczmarczyk had told them. There was something weird about Kaczmarczyk from the start. He had taken photos of the body and the area around the body. And the position that Robert McClancy was found in didn't seem natural. It appeared as though the body had been strategically positioned, Dateline NBC will reveal.

After McClancy's death, his wife, Martha Ann married Charles Kaczmarczyk. The investigation revealed that Chuck Kaczmarczyk met Bob McClancy at a PTSD meeting. He later met Bob's wife, Martha Ann, at their home after accepting a dinner invitation. The two became lovers. To be together, they decided to kill Bob McClancy to get his military benefits to fund their lavish lifestyle.

Lovers Plot Death For Money

But a trail followed them. For years, police suspected Martha and Chuck Kaczmarczyk in the death of Robert McClancy, and they steadily built their case until they had enough evidence against them. The first blow for the Kaczmarczyks was when Martha Ann was indicted in 2012 for trying to defraud the government. In 2013, Martha Ann and Chuck were both charged with Robert McClancy's death.

Chuck claimed it was Martha Kaczmarczyk who had drugged her husband's food, causing a fatal overdose. Then, the plan was for Chuck to come over to the home and find the body while Martha Ann was at work.

The judge in the case believed it was the worst he had ever seen. Chuck Kaczmarczyk had a reputation for being a cold person and a liar who enjoyed making up false stories about being a decorated combat war veteran. He also allegedly started fires and stole his friends' benefits. The Daily Beast reported that Bill Walter, a man who knew Chuck in the military, made the following statement about him.

"Nobody trusted him. He was shady back then. We always knew he was scammin' on something, but you couldn't really put your finger on it. He loved to play games. What he had done is he had actually made a bunch of fake records up, used some of our names, real names, real socials, real everything… He was receiving like $3,200 a month in disability because of all that, because he had '100 percent PTSD.' Get that. A hundred percent PTSD and he'd never even been in combat."

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