Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Custody Battle Turns Nasty — Her Plans To Move Far Away, Plus Why Maddox Refuses To See His Dad

Perry Carpenter

Angelina Jolie's custody battle with Brad Pitt is starting to get ugly.

The estranged lovers are fighting privately for the custody of their six children and failed to reach an agreement in the weeks following their divorce.

With Pitt vying for joint custody, OK Magazine reports that Jolie is threatening to move overseas.

Will the move further hinder Pitt's chances of seeing his kids?

"She wants to start her life over in another country, and if Brad doesn't like it, that's too bad," an insider revealed. "Brad had no idea she'd actually go through with it, but she wants to make the main decisions for the kids."

Pitt and Jolie started dating back in 2005 and were married for two years before the split.

They have six children together: 15-year-old Maddox, 12-year-old Pax, 11-year-old Zahara, 10-year-old Shiloh, and eight-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

Jolie wants to move to London to pursue a career in politics.

The Tomb Raider star is scheduled to guest lecture at the London School of Economics and is heavily involved with the United Nations.

The insider noted that Jolie wants to "set down some roots for the kids" by finding a city with "an excellent private school nearby."

Unfortunately, Pitt does not believe moving to London will be good for the kids.

"He is not just going to let her move the kids across the pond," the source continued. "It would destroy him. Brad will fight to keep the kids in LA."

If Pitt wants to keep the kids nearby then he definitely has an uphill battle ahead.

According to Us Weekly, Pitt was only recently allowed to visit his children following accusations of child abuse.

After Angelina Jolie announced the divorce, Pitt had to wait 19 days before the actress agreed to a visit. Pitt waited patiently as his kids enrolled in therapy to help them deal with the separation.

"He wanted to make sure the meeting would be the most productive for the kids," a source revealed.

When Pitt finally reunited with his kids, however, things didn't go as planned.

The actor met with five of his children on Oct. 8 in Los Angeles. Not only was the meeting more somber than expected, but Maddox failed to show up.

"He chose not to go and stayed with Angie," a source explained. "It wasn't full of joy and happiness."

Jolie originally filed for full physical custody of the children. She later agreed to a temporary recommendation from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services that required the kids to undergo counseling before meeting with Pitt.

Despite all the restrictions, Pitt was more than willing to play things by the book.

"He and Angie agreed on steps that needed to be completed," an insider stated. "He wanted to wait until the timing was best."

Pitt is clearly willing to do anything to see his kids, so why did Maddox decide to stay with his mom?

"Maddox is very close with Angie," the source shared. "He doesn't really see himself as Brad's son… Maddox never wants to see Brad again."

Jolie adopted Maddox back in 2002, three years before her romance with Pitt started.

The temporary custody agreement ends on Oct. 20, so Pitt might not get the chance to change Maddox's mind.

In fact, Angelina Jolie still has physical custody of the kids, and even though a source says that she "is not trying to poison the kids against Brad," she retains the right to schedule future visits.

Is she trying to pull the carpet out and move the kids to London before Pitt can act?

Celeb Buzz reports that Pitt has already had a second visit with his kids, which wasn't nearly as emotional as the first.

"It was a two-hour visit, with a monitor present. Brad wasn't as emotional as the first visit, but it was obvious that he was very happy to see the kids," a source explained. "The visit lasted about 90 minutes at an undisclosed neutral location."

Even if Jolie wants to move the kids to London, Pitt isn't giving up without a fight.

"[Jolie's] still insisting on having sole physical custody of the kids, which Brad will continue to fight," the source continued. "Brad is absolutely disgusted with how Angie has handled the entire situation."

For now, the children are living with Jolie at a rental house in Malibu. Jolie's brother, James Haven, is reportedly living with them while the divorce proceedings unfold.

Meanwhile, according to In Touch Weekly, Jolie has been working hard to ruin Pitt's reputation and get full custody of the kids.

"A look deep inside Angelina's camp shows a disturbing pattern of behavior," a source close to the situation revealed. "Her first two advisors were planting stories with the media that Brad had a severe drug and alcohol problem and was violent. It was an abhorrent course of action."

"I am worried that Angie is repeating the past, repeating the same mistakes her mother made during her divorce," Morel stated. "And I want to get this message across to her before it is too late."

Until a formal custody agreement is settled in court, it isn't clear what will happen between Jolie and Pitt.

Hopefully, the two can work out an agreement before things get even uglier.

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