'The Division' 1.4 Patch Dated During State Of The Game, Expect World Tiers And More On Tuesday

World Tiers, game rebalancing, and major quality-of-life improvements are all coming next week to The Division. The highly anticipated 1.4 update is officially dated for an October 25 release across all platforms. Players will soon be able to explore a max-level version of the New York City map, earn worthwhile loot from every activity, and earn caches after reaching the level cap.

The release date announcement occurred during this week's state of the game stream. Developers of The Division immediately dated the 1.4 update on the stream which can be viewed on Twitch. The remainder of the stream included some discussions on the public test server process and upcoming changes to the game. The developers answered a few chat questions and touched on a few future plans for The Division.

Named weapons, new guns, and PvP balance are areas the developers want to address after 1.4 releases. Even though named weapons are re-scaled in the 1.4 update, they have not been completely fine-tuned. During the stream, developers stated that they want to address the power and strength of these weapons in the future since time really did not allow them to do so before 1.4 releases. The team also talked about new weapons coming to The Division at some point. No specifics were given, but it is clear that new guns will be released when they can be added to the game without disrupting the ongoing balance of it.

The Division
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Finally, developers of The Division once again stated that PvP balancing will occur after 1.4 is on the live servers. They noted that players using their live characters will be a better testing ground for that type of balancing since more players will be included. Not to mention, they will essentially have more at stake on the live server making their feedback much more candid.

Update 1.4 will release just one week after testing on the public test server was suspended for the time being. As the Inquisitr reported, the public test server will likely return for future content testing. Once 1.4 is released, new content like the 1.5 update and the Survival DLC are next in line for release. Since 1.4's shift to completely changing The Division endgame, the release of Survival was moved from a release alongside 1.4 to later in the year according to the official site.

The Division
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Although no new details about the next piece of downloadable content were revealed during the stream, developers of the game reiterated that Survival, the second paid DLC, will be released first for Xbox One and PC before it releases on PlayStation 4. Like the update that accompanied the release of Underground, the 1.5 patch will be free to all players while the features of Survival will be available to those that buy The Division DLC.

The 1.4 patch will introduce World Tiers, a new feature to the game once players hit the maximum level. At character level 30, the whole map will adjust to level 30 as well in World Tier one. Completing any content in this World Tier will reward items with gear scores up to 163. Once a character hits that gear score, they can adjust their World Tier to level two where items can be up to gear score 182. This can be done two more times with World Tier level four offering the new maximum gear score of 229.


With the map now functional at max level, players can also explore the map to defeat world bosses. These named enemies will be familiar to any player that has leveled through the game with foes like Bullet King once again being relevant. These mobs are on a four-hour respawn timer giving players a new way to roam the streets for loot.

Other new features of the 1.4 update include experience counting toward Field Proficiency and additional Underground caches past the max level, a "craft all" button, purchasable caches, and adjusted skills. Tentatively, PlayStation 4 players can expect an 11 GB update while Xbox One players can plan on a nearly six GB patch. The size of the 1.4 update for PC users is unknown at this time. For a lengthy list of changes and additions be sure to check out the 1.4 patch notes on the official forums for The Division.

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