‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 843: Sanji Elopes With Pudding With Help From Vinsmoke Clan, While Luffy And Straw Hats Gang Face Big Mom’s Wrath? [Spoilers]

The previous chapter of popular Japanese manga One Piece nearly confirmed the defeat of Commander Cracker at the hands of a grotesquely inflated Luffy D. Monkey, with Nami’s help. Chapter 843 of One Piece is set to explode with multiple parties converging on the Whole Cake Island, expect Sanji and Pudding, the would-be bride and groom.

Warning: One Piece Manga Chapter 842 spoilers and Chapter 843 speculations are ahead!

In the earlier chapter, mangaka Eiichiro Oda indicated how Luffy had ingeniously gained an upper hand in his long-winding battle with Big Mom’s 10th son, Commander Cracker. The combatants had been battling for more than 11 hours, with no outcome.

Instead of fighting the countless biscuit soldiers Cracker was able to generate, Luffy hit upon the novel idea of devouring them. The soldiers, softened by Nami’s weather-altering spell that caused rain to pour on them, made for a delectable snack for Luffy, who kept growing in size. Right before it appeared Luffy couldn’t eat any more soldiers, he unleashed a new form of Gear Fourth technique called Tankman: Full Version (Gomu Gomu no Cannonball). It is apparent that the attack proves too much for Cracker, reported GamenGuide.


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Interestingly, Oda doesn’t specifically indicate Cracker’s defeat at the hands of Luffy and Nami. Hence fans speculate that a subdued Cracker might make his way to Big Mom’s castle to lick his wounds and recuperate under her watchful eye and protective care. Cracker’s arrival at Whole Cake Island might further complicate Sanji’s plans, which are quite complex to begin with.

Of the entire Vinsmoke clan, it is Sanji, Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji’s sister Rejiju, who is the only one that has a soft spot for the troubled chef. Sanji is the only one among the kids to feel empathy and acts like a thorough gentleman. Unfortunately, he has always been harassed for being a “failed experiment.” As previous One Piece chapters have clearly indicated, Reiju has helped Sanji on numerous occasions. And while she doesn’t openly support him, Reiju does extend a helping hand whenever possible.

Hence, it is quite possible that Reiju could create a convincing distraction that could offer just enough time to aid Sanji’s escape. However, Pudding’s subtle affection and admiration towards Sanji could force the latter to take her along when he leaves the Whole Cake Island.

Meanwhile, the entire Straw Hats gang is slowly converging on Whole Cake Island. While both rabbit-human hybrid Carrot and Chopper are already in Brulee’s Mirror World on the island, they could soon come across Nami and Luffy, who might reach the wedding venue a lot sooner than expected thanks to Buried Guy, who is keen to see his daughters, reported Vine Report.

It would certainly be an awkward situation if the Straw Hat pirates swoop down on Whole Cake Island, determined to save their pal Sanji from his impending nuptials, only to find him missing from the venue. Moreover, it is merely logical that Big Mom might have deployed several nasty surprises for Luffy and his gang. To confront a number of Big Mom’s soldiers for nothing would certainly be a hard pill to swallow.

Interestingly, some theories suggest it could Sanji’s evil Vinsmoke family that decides to save him. The Vinsmoke brothers were threatened by Big Mom in earlier chapters. She had warned the Vinsmoke brothers of dire consequences if they failed to complete their mission. Given their quirky personalities and rather twisted nature, it is likely they will switch sides and assist Luffy in facilitating Sanji’s rescue, just to thwart the marriage, and upset Big Mom.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece]