‘BBWLA’ Star Jackie Christie Claims Extortion, Goes On Twitter Rant After Evelyn Lozada & Matt Barnes Donate To Ta’Kari Christie GoFundMe

The feud between Jackie Christie and her estranged daughter Ta’Kari Christie has definitely taken a turn for the worse. After taking some criticism for ignoring Ta’Kari’s GoFundMe plea for help after her son’s tragic accident, the Basketball Wives LA star claimed she was being “extorted” and “blackmailed.” After hearing about the controversy, Evelyn Lozada and Matt Barnes stepped in and donated to the fund instead.

Last month, a GoFundMe account was opened on behalf of Ta’Kari Christie after her son was burned badly in a daycare accident involving a spilled bottle warmer. Ta’Kari was having trouble with medical bills and care for her son plus was missing work because he requires round-the-clock care.

Soon after news of Ta’Kari’s son’s accident, the Inquisitr reported that as donations came in, Jackie Christie was not among the list of donors to the campaign. Instead, the BBWLA star ignored her daughter’s plight altogether and went on about her business.

When it became obvious that Jackie had no intentions to step up and help her daughter during this medical crisis, social media went in on the reality star for continuing to feud with her oldest daughter. It’s no secret that Jackie and Ta’Kari have been estranged for years, but many just couldn’t believe that she would continue to refuse to help even when the health scare involved her grandchild.

Ta’Kari responded to the backlash against Jackie Christie, taking to Facebook to explain her estrangement from Doug and Jackie. That message was shared again on Instagram for everyone to see since Ta’Kari’s Facebook page is private. It can be read below.

Soon after, Jackie Christie decided to jump on social media and defend herself for continuing to ignore Ta’Kari amid the ongoing feud with her oldest daughter. In a string of now-deleted tweets, Jackie claimed that she was being “extorted” and “blackmailed.” The shocking response was screenshotted and saved by Fameolous and can also be seen below.

Soon after deleting the outburst, the Basketball Wives LA star decided to speak on her daughter Ta’Kari’s plight and told TMZ that she gladly would have helped her grandson despite her feud with her daughter but no one ever asked her. According to the report, Jackie claims that she has given Ta’Kari plenty of money over the years. She said that her estranged daughter shouldn’t have any trouble paying the medical bills but that if she had just called and asked, Jackie would have paid the whole bill. She also went on to accuse Ta’Kari of taking the GoFundMe account public and asking for help in that way in an effort to embarrass Jackie.

As this very public family feud blew up between the Basketball Wives LA star and her daughter, a few celebrities quietly stepped in and helped out. Matt Barnes was first to put money down on Ta’Kari’s GoFundMe account. The NBA star dropped $3,000 into the account, which was the total goal for the campaign.

Soon after, former Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada also made a statement. She donated an additional $3,500 to Ta’Kari for her son’s medical care and other expenses. The large donations stunned Ta’Kari, who again took to social media to express her gratitude to those who stepped up and helped her out.

Now that Ta’Kari Christie has far exceeded her fundraising goal and should be set to take care of her son Jaxson, Jackie says she “would have” helped. Did the Basketball Wives LA star go too far this time with the ongoing drama between herself and her estranged daughter? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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