'RHOC' News: Shannon Beador's Marriage Secret Exposed, Vicki Gunvalson Knows All

Shannon Beador has had her fair share of problems with her marriage with David over the years. Vicki Gunvalson knows a secret about her marriage, and now it is being revealed. All About the Tea was able to figure out what the big secret is and share it. Of course, Shannon doesn't want this to get out to the world.

A very solid source is the one who came forward to share the details. The source is speaking out and saying, "David beat the living sh*t out of Shannon. Shannon told Vicki about the abuse in her marriage, and Vicki later shared the info with Kelly." It is also being shared that David didn't just do this one time, but actually did it more than once. Shannon doesn't want anyone at all to know about it.

In February 2003, David was charged with assault and "battery against a cohabitant," but of course, they were able to keep the details quiet. David pled guilty and even admitted that he "willfully and unlawfully used force and violence" against his wife. It is being revealed that Shannon Beador even went on a tropical vacation so she could recover from her wounds and nobody would see her. That is taking it pretty far to cover up.

Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson were really close to each other. The source said, "Vicki has photos of Shannon's bruises from one of the beatings. Shannon confided in her when they were close, and sent the shocking pictures to Vicki." Of course, it doesn't sound like Vicki is going to share these photos with the world. Even though Shannon and Vicki aren't getting along, it would be great if she cares enough to keep this a secret. A lot of people will look down on Vicki if she shares these pictures of Shannon Beador.

Now, Shannon has cut Vicki out of her life, and it doesn't look like these two are going to get along. They are moving on and not talking to each other at all. Shannon doesn't even want the other women to be friends with her now.

Bravo actually shared a blog straight from Shannon Beador about the recent episodes in Ireland. She shared that next week will get even uglier. Shannon started out talking about her thoughts on Kelly and how it all went down on the show last week.
"Before I dive into this week's episode, I have to address something in Kelly's blog last week. She stated that "Shannon couldn't wait to run to Tamra in the store and tell her what I had said." Let me make it clear. I had no intention of hurting one of my best friends. But when Tamra specifically asked me what Kelly and I spoke about, I was not willing to lie. Tamra told me what my mother-in-law said about me and it may not have been the best time either, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. But what is most distressing about Kelly's blog is her statement that Tamra hit her. Tamra did no such thing. She pushed Kelly and quickly walked away. I was witness to everything, as well as the other ladies present. Kelly needs to stop blaming others for her horrendous comments and start telling the truth."
Are you shocked to hear that David Beador allegedly beat up his wife, Shannon Beador? Do you think that this is true? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday nights on Bravo.

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