October 18, 2016
'Ghostbusters 2016' Gets The 'Honest Trailers' Treatment As 'Screen Junkies' 'Answer The Call' [Video]

Ghostbusters 2016 has just received the "Honest Trailers" treatment from Screen Junkies. Subtitled "Answer the Call" on legal digital and disc formats, it was one of the most polarizing films of the year, rivaling Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015. Feminists defended it from the beginning, claiming that anyone who hated the film was a misogynist.

Why would they do that? Because the new Ghostbusters are all women. The decision to do that was so off-putting for most fans of the original that James Rolfe, known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, made a video stating he refused to see it. For that he was instantly labeled, despite having said that he didn't want to review it and put up with the hate from people who disagree.

It happened anyway, just because James Rolfe took a stand as an honest critic and feminists took the opposite stance.

Most reviewers who spoke ill of Ghostbusters 2016 were given the same internet beat-down. Now Screen Junkies is taking their jab at what could gain them enough hate to lose subscribers. As stated in the "Honest Trailers" video, they actually disabled comments because they know it's going to get ugly.

The trailer begins, "From the studio that just got hacked by North Korea, lost creative control of Spider-Man, might lose James Bond, and couldn't even keep Adam Sandler happy, comes the sure-fire hit to put them back on track."

The video then continues to scroll down from a much-hated trailer for the film and displays a cascade of internet hatred accusing the movie of destroying childhoods and being the worst movie ever made.
"Experience a film that created a perfect storm of hatred, uniting people who legitimately hated the trailers, people who legitimately hate reboots of classic films, and people who legitimately like to yell hateful nonsense on the internet."
This statement is followed by a clip of Republican nominee Donald Trump slamming Ghostbusters 2016 for starring all women in the titular roles.

The Ghostbusters 2016 "Honest Trailers" video continues to explain that everybody and their blog had rushed to judge it before they'd even seen it, and "proved to all the haters that it's bad." The announcer even pokes fun at the film by reciting a joke from the original film, "it's true, these Ghostbusters have no d***, or chemistry."

The announcer points out that everybody in the group plays the comic relief; one awkwardly, one randomly, one down-to-Earth, and one physically. He says they're up against a villain so forgettable, they'll ditch him halfway through for Chris Hemsworth and the third act of Pixels. It desperately tries to convince you it's not the original, while constantly reminding you of the original.

With often unfunny cameos from the original cast, who aren't even playing the same roles, it pushed that fact even further.

The announcer in the Ghostbusters 2016 "Honest Trailers" video also says that the movie tries to make you believe that "all comedy is subjective, your enjoyment of which depends upon how much you like all things B material, and not one, not two, but three jokes about soup."

The announcer then states that the home release contains additional footage with four different dance numbers.

In true "Honest Trailers" fashion, Screen Junkies goes through the cast and gives them clever names. These include "Kristen's Wig, Melissa McBarfy, 2 Step Verification You Guys, Kate McCosplay, Chris Hunksworth, and … the Fallout Boy cover song. Ghostbusters: Now Let's Never Speak of This Again."

Do you agree with the "Honest Trailers" treatment of Ghostbusters 2016?

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