LeAnn Rimes Heartbroken Over Devastating Loss: ‘It Has Been A Sad Day’

LeAnn Rimes has been working on some new music, but it sounds like she’s been at home for the past couple of months. She’s been active on social media, but it doesn’t sound like she’s been touring around the country too much lately. It’s probably a good thing she’s at home these days, as LeAnn recently learned that she lost someone close to her. Rimes opened up about her personal heartbreak on social media, sharing that she was truly struggling with the news that the family dog had passed away.

According to a new tweet, LeAnn Rimes opened up about the devastating and sudden loss on Twitter, sharing that the dog had possibly passed away from an illness. As Rimes explained, the dog was indeed old and sick, and the passing happened rather suddenly. This loss affects both LeAnn and her husband, as well as Eddie Cibrian’s two children.

“Our baby Virgo is gone we are so very grateful for the joy she brought to our lives for 16 years. #DoggieHeaven is gaining an angel,” LeAnn Rimes revealed on Twitter this week, sharing the heartbreaking news that the family dog had passed away.

Within minutes, LeAnn Rimes got plenty of support from her fans, sharing that she was thankful for the support that she was receiving. LeAnn was clearly heartbroken over what she had gone through, and it was a rough loss for the family. Rimes thanked her supporters, sharing that the dog had been sick.

“Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love. It has been a sad day. Virgo’s little spirit is missed here in our house,” she later added on Twitter, revealing that the dog was indeed sick. “thx love. It was time. She was sick.”


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When LeAnn Rimes first tweeted about having a bad day and suffering a devastating loss, some people may have thought that she was referring to her family and some personal business. Since LeAnn met her husband by having an affair with him while they were both married, many people who are fans of Brandi Glanville expect him to cheat on her, even though she trusts him fully. Many people believe that Rimes should be skeptical of her husband since a man cheating one time could be a cheater for life.

But Rimes could also have been referring to a pregnancy. For a while, the media has reported that LeAnn Rimes wanted a child of her own, even though she is a stepmother to Eddie’s two sons. While filming her own reality show, LeAnn revealed that she was trying to get pregnant, as she wanted to try to have her own child. But it didn’t seem to work. It is possible that she has gotten pregnant and then miscarried the baby, but she’s never announced a pregnancy in the media or on social media.

LeAnn is often in the media because of her ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville. Brandi is Eddie’s ex-wife, and the two will often run into one another at soccer games, as they both want to support Brandi’s sons. The two haven’t exactly been friends over the past couple of years, but Glanville has revealed that she wants LeAnn and Eddie to work out for the sake of her sons. She doesn’t want Rimes’ marriage to crumble as she doesn’t want her children to see another failed marriage.

What do you think of LeAnn Rimes’ comments about losing her dog? Are you surprised that she’s being so open and honest about her heartbreak?

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