Sugar Bear Of ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ Is Engaged

Sugar Bear and Mama June split awhile ago, and fans just kept thinking they would end up back together. This couple from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo seems to have moved on from each other. Radar Online shared the big news that Sugar Bear is now engaged to someone else. Mama June and Sugar Bear did get married on the show, but he is now moving on from her.

Mama June and Sugar Bear went on the show Marriage Boot Camp and tried to repair their relationship, but that didn’t work out. Now, Sugar Bear is engaged to 43-year-old Jennifer Lamb. This is all happening just one year after Sugar Bear tried to fix his marriage but wasn’t able to do it. Jennifer actually confirmed the news that she is engaged, but she didn’t share a lot of details about their engagement.

Another source said, “Jennifer is super sweet and treats Mike so well. They are very happy together.”

Jennifer does have a private Facebook page, and she has been sharing what is going on there. She has great things to say about Sugar Bear.

Recently, she shared, “He is a great dad to his daughter. He is also a great man to my son and a fantastic role model for him also. He works hard to provide for us and will do anything in his reach to help out anyone else, regardless of the time of day.”

It does look like Sugar Bear has found his match and that he is really happy about the new relationship. Jennifer and Sugar Bear’s wedding is something fans would love to see, but since Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has been canceled, it doesn’t look like viewers will get to see anything. It will be up to the couple to decide how much they want to share with their fans.

Sugar Bear and Jennifer have signed a contract to do a reality show, according to sources. There is no word on what network will air this show or when it will debut. There have been a lot of rumors that Honey Boo Boo would be back on television, but these were coming from her mom, Mama June. Now it sounds like you might be seeing Alana on a show that is with her dad instead. The show would not work well if they didn’t at least have her on there at some point.

People shared how Mama June was recently on the show Botched without Sugar Bear.

Mama June explained why she was there.

“What has happened is with my last child, which is Honey Boo Boo, that doctor at that time told me that one, a tummy tuck was not done every time after each surgery like should have been done.”

Mama June went on to explain that she had a c-section, and her daughter with Sugar Bear actually had her forehead cut during the surgery.

She said, “When Alana was born 10 years ago, there’s so much scar tissue right here that the doctor, he didn’t know how deep to go down and that’s why he ended up cutting Alana’s head open twice.”

Dr. Terry Dubrow explained to her that you would not normally do a tummy tuck right after a c-section, so whoever told her this was not right.

Are you shocked to hear that Sugar Bear of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is engaged once again? Did you think that Sugar Bear would end up back with Mama June at some point? Sound off in the comments section below. You could see Sugar Bear and his fiance on television soon in a new show very soon.

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