Nick Viall Has Already Found ‘The One’ On ‘The Bachelor’: Is His New Love Someone From His Past?

Filming the new season of The Bachelor is still underway, yet it sounds like Nick Viall may have already found his one true love. The Stir reports that a new photo from the set of The Bachelor reveals that Viall is very much in love with a certain contestant. Who is the mystery girl and has she already won over Viall’s heart?

The photos show Viall having a lot of fun the contestant, whose name is Vanessa, and looking very much in love. The two were photographed while on a date and it appears as though Viall and Vanessa hit it off perfectly.

The pair decided to try out the Zero Gravity Experience in a California airport during the outing, and their date ended with a kissing session.

“They were kissing passionately on the plane,” an insider explained to Life & Style. “She got airsick and threw up at one point. But otherwise, they had a great time… They were so affectionate. I’d be surprised if she isn’t the front-runner.”

Viall displayed his affection for Vanessa so openly that eyewitnesses thought they were a couple.

“They looked totally in love,” one witness shared. “They were acting like a couple on their honeymoon.”

There’s is not a whole lot of information on Vanessa, though the pictures reveal that she is a gorgeous dark-haired beauty, which is exactly the type of woman that attracts Viall. Furthermore, previous contestants who have gone on dates with the Bachelor in the third episode have won the entire thing, including Whitney Bischoff and Lauren Bushnell.

Those who have followed Nick Viall’s season concluded that his date with Vanessa will go down in Episode 3. That doesn’t mean Vanessa will automatically win Viall’s final rose, but it is a good sign that she will make it far next season.

Meanwhile, Wet Paint is reporting that Viall is really shaking things up on The Bachelor and will make history with his First Impression Rose.

While this hasn’t been officially confirmed, it looks like Viall will give his very first rose to Rachel Lindsay, a successful lawyer who is also a black woman. A black suitor has never been given the first rose in the history of the reality show, and it looks like Viall’s interest in Lindsay only deepens as the series progresses.

This past week, fans spotted Viall and Lindsay on a date in New Orleans, which means that she will make it to Episode 5. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Viall ate lunch with Lindsay at the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans before fans spotted them exchanging a passionate kiss on the streets.

“Nick and his date at Cafe du Monde. They will then head to One Eyed Jacks for the LOLO performance,” Reality Steve shared on Twitter.

There’s no telling how far Lindsay or any other contestant will make it next season, but Viall is clearly willing to shake things up.

Although Vanessa and Lindsay have good chances of making it far, Chatt Sports Net reveals that Nick Viall’s old fling might get eliminated quickly. Viall allegedly hooked up with one of his suitors before production for The Bachelor even started.

“During the first day of taping, all of the girls came out and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again,” an insider revealed.

Viall and the girl, who was later identified as Elizabeth Sandoz, recognized each other but did not tell producers about their past hookup. Viall met Sandoz during Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding last winter.

Unfortunately for Sandoz, Viall told producers that he wanted fresh faces for the new season and didn’t want to include a former fling because it was “a waste of a person being there.”

Viall has been a part of three separate seasons of ABC’s hit dating franchise. He has participated in two seasons of The Bachelorette — coming in second both times — and one season of Bachelor in Paradise, where he almost found love with Jen Saviano.

Considering Viall’s comments about old flings, Sandoz doesn’t have a good shot at making it far next season. In fact, reports indicate that Sandoz will leave the competition early because Viall doesn’t want to deal with former lovers.

Meanwhile, Viall and the rest of the Bachelor crew are heading to St. Thomas after they wrap up filming in New Orleans. In a strange coincidence, one of Viall’s suitors is Brittany Farrar, which happens to be the same name of Jordan Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend. More information on Farrar has not been released, so there’s no telling how far she will make it in the coming season.

Filming for Viall’s season of The Bachelor is expected to wrap up sometime next month. Fans can watch Nick Viall find love once again when Season 21 of The Bachelor airs January 2 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]