Beyonce Pregnant? Couple Considering Adoption After Fertility Struggles [Report]

Is Beyonce pregnant with baby number two? Many fans are waiting for an announcement that she’s expecting her second child, and while rumors have been swirling it seems, every few months, we haven’t seen a baby bump yet. Keep in mind that Beyonce is a pretty busy woman as of late. She dropped her album Lemonade in April, and has been touring to promote the album, along with a full fledged tour, so it can be argued that this isn’t the best time to become pregnant.

As we know the last set of rumors about there being a possible baby no. 2 goes back to August of this year, when it was reported that the “Single Ladies” singer was covering up her baby bump on tour.

Of Beyonce being pregnant, a source said the following to OK Magazine.

“Beyonce was spotted covering up her stomach during a yacht date with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy. Beyonce apparently made quite an effort to hide her fuller figure from the paparazzi cameras while keeping her hands strategically placed near her midsection. Either the singer might have had a heavy meal or she’s definitely pregnant by just not ready to make an announcement just yet.”

Since then, we haven’t heard much about a second child for Beyonce and her husband Jay Z. That said, a new report just dropped that points to a second child being in the cards for Bey and Jay, but not in the way everyone might expect.

While Beyonce being pregnant wouldn’t be too out of left field, considering she has said that she wants to expand her family, it’s reported that the singer and Jay Z are considering adoption for their second child. If they adopt a child, he or she will join older sister Blue Ivy, 4. According to OK Magazine, the same outlet that had Beyonce pregnant in August, recently said that the couple is looking at their options to expand their family.

A source hinted that there might be fertility issues involved, which is why Beyonce and Jay Z might turn to adoption.

“They always planned on having more than one child, and they don’t want a huge age gap between Blue Ivy and the baby. Beyonce loved being pregnant, but it hasn’t happened again — and they know the clock is ticking. They have a lot of friends who’ve adopted, like Madonna, and they think it would be great. If Beyonce isn’t pregnant soon, that’s the path they’ll go down. They’re talking about adopting a boy and maybe another girl!”

As we know Beyonce’s pregnancy in 2011 didn’t come without heartache prior to daughter Blue Ivy. In her documentary, Life Is But a Dream, and in her song “Glory,” the singer opened up about a miscarriage she had before her daughter. In a revealing moment, Beyonce said in the HBO special, “About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time, and I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life. I picked out names. I envisioned what my child would look like… I was feeling very maternal.”

After a check up with the doctor, it was revealed that there was no longer a heartbeat. Of the experience, Beyonce said, “I went into the studio and wrote the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life, and it was actually the first song I wrote for my album. And it was the best form of therapy for me, because it was the saddest thing I’ve ever been through.”

She went on to say that being pregnant was like falling in love.

Do you think Beyonce and Jay Z will adopt?

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