‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: America’s Nominee Stunned By Week 3 Viewer Vote, As ‘BB18’s’ Paul Abrahamian Prepares To Enter The ‘BBOTT’ House

Big Brother: Over the Top America's nominee still confused about her nomination, Paul Abrahamian enters BBOTT house Wednesday.

On Monday, the houseguests were called to the Big Brother: Over the Top living room to learn which of them would be America’s Nominee for week 3. The announcement shook the house and stunned the cast member chosen, who didn’t seem to understand viewer reasoning in the matter. As this was taking place, Paul Abrahamian, who finished second last season in Big Brother 18, was preparing to enter the BBOTT house Wednesday.

Although America’s Nominee, Danielle Lickey, seemed perplexed and shocked that viewers would choose to put her on the chopping block, live feeds from inside the house may offer some clues as to why the Big Brother: Over the Top audience, and some fellow houseguests, are ready to see her leave the house and her showmance end for good.

One of the controversies swarming around Danielle has to do with a conversation that took place on October 13, in which she shared a sad tale involving a puppy she obtained shortly after her young son was born. According to Joker’s Updates, as Jason Roy, Neeley Jackson, and Kryssie Ridolfi listened on, Danielle explained how the dog named Sofie, was the “cutest little thing in the entire world, but killed herself.”

Jason was surprised and asked if Danielle had taken the puppy to a veterinarian to find out what was wrong with her. Danielle responded by saying, “No,” but noted she had tried to feed Sofie with a syringe but the dog simply refused to eat, Joker’s Updates reports.

Danielle went on to note that the puppy had been fed an expensive brand of dog food, which some animals become attached to, so they refuse to eat any other brand as a result. She said she could no longer afford the costly food and had purchased another brand for the dog.

According to Danielle, she was going to school at the time and thought her mother was feeding Sofie, so she didn’t realize the dog was starving. Danielle said she was given medicine and other items to give the puppy from a pet store because she couldn’t afford to take the dog to a veterinarian.

Jason, Neeley, and Kryssie all explained there are places to obtain low-cost vaccinations, but Danielle assured them she had tried everything she could to save Sofie and was feeding her with a bottle and a syringe, which seemed to improve the dog’s overall health.

But, not long after, the dog became sick once again, and Danielle stated she “put two and two together,” finally realizing Sofie was harmed by fumigation efforts being performed in the apartment complex in which she lived, according to Joker’s Updates.

Although Danielle’s fellow cast members seemed to be understanding about the incident, the Twitter universe has been somewhat harsher. Some have chastised Danielle over the dog’s death, while a few argued she just didn’t know how to take care of an animal, or the dog refused to eat. Nonetheless, this story and the way it has spread on social media, likely in various versions, may be just one of the reasons America nominated her for eviction.

Another major issue that has America in an uproar is Danielle’s showmance with cast member Shane Chapman. The showmance itself isn’t the entire issue, but the way in which the two houseguests are conducting themselves in the Big Brother: Over the Top house seems to be.

Some on social media find their very sexual behavior offensive and are appalled at the idea that Danielle and Shane have openly spoken about having sex next to other houseguests to spite them, according to Big Brother Opinions. Some viewers don’t have a problem with the couple engaging in sexual activity, but instead, believe the way they are doing it in the presence of other cast members is disrespectful and uncalled for. Again, this could be an additional reason the viewing public nominated Danielle to sit on the eviction block.

As Danielle laments over her nomination, one veteran Big Brother 18 cast member, Paul Abrahamian, is preparing to enter the Big Brother: Over the Top house. According to a Twitter message posted by Paul, who came in second last season, he will be hosting Wednesday night’s Head of Household (HOH) competition, which will be live streamed at 9 p.m. BBOTT time.

Paul’s post about the event reads in part, “Watch me hook these fools up w/friendship live…” In a post only hours earlier, Paul also made mention of the Danielle and Shane showmance, writing, “Guess these two didn’t listen…” He was referring to some advice he had written on a chalkboard hung in the BBOTT yoga room for the new houseguests, indicating showmances should be avoided at all costs.

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