Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright: New Details On Their ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spin-Off

Jax Taylor is already set for life thanks to his reality TV fame and endorsement deals, but he’s smart enough not to turn down a chance at a spin-off. The Vanderpump Rules bad boy and his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, are teasing a possible new series for the Bravo franchise.

Earlier this month, Taylor and Cartwright both shared Instagram snaps from their visit to Bravo’s offices on the Universal Studios lot, causing fans to wonder why they were hanging out with network suits. Turns out Jax and Brittany attended Bravo’s bake-off hosted by Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile, but there may have been a secondary reason for their visit.


Radar Online reported that Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are currently filming for a new reality show in Brittany’s Kentucky hometown. While at the Bravo offices, the couple reportedly met with Bravo TV execs to discuss the Vanderpump Rules spin-off show. Jax’s girlfriend later shared a message with fans about feeling “so blessed” and that “great things are coming” for the couple.

While Bravo TV has not confirmed that a spin-off series will be picked up or if Jax even has a new show in production, the proof that something is in the works can be found in the couple’s social media posts.

On Monday, Jax Taylor hit Twitter to reveal that “day one is in the books.” Taylor also revealed that he and Brittany will be staying in Kentucky for two weeks and that he’s excited to be there.

Jax also posted photos on social media that show him living the farm life. In one photo Jax is chopping down dead trees, and he uses the hashtag #farmerjax.

Later, Taylor posted an Instagram snap of himself taking a nap after finishing all of his chores on the farm. Jax noted that his girlfriend was in the house cooking with her mom. Jax added the hashtag #farmlife.


Based on these photos, it’s pretty clear that the Jax and Brittany spin-off series will show them trading their L.A. lifestyle for the farm life. It sounds like the reality TV version of Green Acres.

Jax Taylor began dating Brittany Cartwright after meeting her in Las Vegas. She ultimately moved to Los Angeles to be with Jax, and he even landed her a job interview with Lisa Vanderpump at SUR, but it didn’t pan out because Vanderpump was shocked by Brittany’s skimpy interview outfit. Still, it all seems to have worked out for this reality TV couple as they embark on a new adventure.


While Jax Taylor has plenty of ways to make money through endorsement opportunities and public appearances, earlier this year he told Complex that he is tiring of the lifestyle that includes partying for pay at random clubs.

“Yeah, there are always those opportunities,” Jax said. “But the other ones take advantage of that way more than me. I used to, but I’m old. I’m 36, I’m too tired for all that.”

In the same interview, Taylor made it clear that, if he plays his cards right, he is set financially for the rest of his life.

“Put it this way, if I’m smart about it, and if I live reasonably, I’ll be good for the rest of my life,” Taylor said.


After three years as reality TV’s bad boy, Jax Taylor has said he is ready to settle down and start a family and that he is ready to leave Hollywood for good. Jax also told Complex that he’s unhappy with some of the additions to the Vanderpump Rules cast, including James Kennedy and Lala Kent, because he feels they are riding on the coattails of the show’s core cast.

“If they’re around next year, I won’t be a part of that,” Taylor revealed. “I’ll stick to my guns on that. I will not be on a show that’s contrived. I will not.”

Turns out, Jax Taylor may not have to be a part of any of that if his spin-off series gets picked up.

Take a look at the video below to see Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright on Vanderpump Rules.

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