‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers Week 3: America’s Nominee Devastated By Viewer’s Choice, Care Package Recipient Makes POV Decision, POV Winners Revealed

It was an eventful day in the Big Brother: Over the Top house on Monday, as America’s Nominee for eviction was revealed, America’s Care Package advantage was used for the Power of Veto (POV) competition, and two winners were crowned after the POV was played.

As many an internet poll predicted, Danielle Lickey was chosen by America to be the third Big Brother: Over the Top nominee on the block in Week 3. The current Head of Household (HOH), Scott Dennis, saved every houseguest from eviction during the recent Safety Ceremony that spanned Saturday and Sunday, except Kryssie Ridolfi and Neeley Jackson, making them his nominees for the week.

Not surprisingly, Danielle was devastated by the block nomination voted on by viewers, as were some of her fellow allies in the Big Brother: Over the Top house. After the announcement was made and the houseguests dispersed from the living room area, Danielle quickly headed to the London bedroom, jumped in a bed, covered herself with a blanket, and looked thoroughly dazed.

According to Joker’s Updates, Danielle’s showmance partner, Shane Chapman, followed her into the room, along with Jason Roy, Neeley, and Kryssie. As her group tried to console her, Danielle kept wondering why America is targeting her, as she was also placed on slop by America this week by being voted a Have Not. Danielle also expressed her biggest fear upon entering the Big Brother: Over the Top house was not being liked by America. She didn’t understand what she did to deserve such treatment but noted she would try to win the upcoming POV later in the afternoon.

Neeley seemed angrier about the whole thing than anyone else, due to the reaction she believed came from the other side of the house when Danielle was announced as America’s Nominee.

Neeley said, “I’m going to rip her a** off, and hand it to her,” as Jason asked, “Shelby [Stockton]?”

According to Joker’s Updates, Neeley confirmed she was speaking about Shelby, adding it took a lot to keep her from “jumping on the back of her [Shelby’s] neck.”

Jason and Kryssie primarily sat back and listened as Neeley continued to vent, however, Kryssie asserted Neeley was expressing everything Kryssie was feeling about the other women in the Big Brother: Over the Top house.

Only a few hours later, the POV competition was played and Scott, as the recipient of the Pick-A-Veto advantage, given him in this week’s America’s Care Package, was required to choose which type of veto would be up for grabs. Scott chose the Double Veto option, which, according to Big Brother Network, this meant that two vetoes would be awarded to two veto winners, rather than just one.

Daily Hamsterwatch reports the POV competition was called Fitting In and involved head-to-head battles between cast members to fit puzzle pieces into a frame.

In round one, Kryssie went against Alex Willett and Alex won; in the next round, Danielle went against Scott and Danielle won; in round three, Neeley won against Alex; and Justin Duncan beat Danielle in round four. Ultimately, Alex and Justin won the two POVs in play.

Danielle was clearly crushed by the outcome and was sobbing along with Neeley, who tried to comfort her.

Nevertheless, following the POV, Justin spoke privately to Jason in the yoga room, saying any alliance they had with Danielle, Shane, and Kryssie is “dead” and they can’t “trust anyone but each other.” Jason agreed, telling Justin the other group in the house is only “fixated” on the Danielle and Shane showmance, nicknamed “Shanielle.” Also, Jason asserted that he, Justin, and Neeley are positioned well in the Big Brother: Over the Top game as it is.

Because Alex is aligned with the other side of the Big Brother: Over the Top house and not Danielle’s group, all of whom are on the eviction block, it is almost certain she will not be saving any of them with the POV. Likewise, Justin has been consulting with Jason, who informed him it would be unwise to the use the power this week as well, will probably keep the power to himself.

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