Hugh Hefner: ‘Playboy’ Founder In His ‘Final Days?’ New Report Calls Hef ‘Skeletal’

Hugh Hefner was once held up as a shining example of vitality and a bastion of good health. These days, reports are indicating that the 90-year-old Playboy founder is living a different lifestyle.

According to former Playboy playmate Carla Howe, Hef spends most of his time in his bedroom. On the rare occasion that Hef does move from his room, he moves around the Playboy Mansion with a team of nurses, Howe said.

On Monday, Radar Online reported that the days of late-night parties and scantily-clad women have passed. In saying so, the celebrity news website cited Howe as a source.

“Howe revealed the orgies and star-studded parties have been replaced with early bird dinners, quiet nights playing chess and a squad of nurses tagging after Hef in the vast home.”

The report from Radar Online echoes a similar report from

The Radar Online report comes just weeks after rumors swirled about a Hugh Hefner death hoax. The reports turned out to be a hoax, but the death rumors seemed realistic enough to cause local police to visit Hefner’s mansion to check on the 90-year-old media king.

In recent years, Hefner has dialed back his public appearances, and he rarely posts on social media. After the Hugh Hefner death hoax, however, the 90-year-old posted to Twitter a photo of himself and his wife, Crystal, as they prepared to watch a movie. Hefner also admonished the media for reporting that he was dead.

But still, more recent reports indicate that Hefner’s health is on the decline. The Radar Online report from Tuesday called Hefner skeletal, for example.

“Withered and shrunken to a skeletal 90 pounds, frail Playboy boss Hugh Hefner is facing his tragic final days, friends fear.”

An unnamed for Radar Online source added that Hefner cannot walk anymore.

“Hef’s a shell of his former self. His body has given out and he can’t even walk anymore. He has to be lifted in and out of a wheelchair. Most of his buddies are convinced he won’t live much longer.”

Back in September, Hefner’s media team insisted that the 90-year-old is still involved in the day-to-day activities of the magazine. After his health was called into question, Hef’s rep insisted that Hugh was fine.

“It is no secret that over the past few years he has suffered with back pain that has made it a bit more challenging for him to get around, but at 90 years of age he is enjoying his life and still very involved in the day-to-day activities of editing the magazine.”

Despite the declaration of supreme health, some sources still believe that Hef’s health is on the decline — and the Radar Online source believes they can pinpoint exactly when the decline began. The celebrity news outlet claims that Hef’s health began to deteriorate when his brother and best friend, Keith, died back in April. Keith was 87 and passed away the day before Hugh’s 90th birthday.

Hefner sold the Playboy Mansion for $100 million back in June, but the Playboy magnate still lives within the mansion. According to reports, the current owner, Twinkie mogul Daren Metropolous, told Hef he could live on the estate for the rest of Hefner’s life.

What do you think of the reports that Hugh Hefner’s health could be on the decline? Do you believe the reports from Radar Online and other sources? Why or why not?

[Featured image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment]