Kim Kardashian Divorce? Kanye Heads To Chicago During KUWTK Star's Time Of Need

A Kim Kardashian divorce seems to be approaching in the wake of the reality TV star's Paris robbery trauma. It was only a few weeks ago when the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's (KUWTK) star was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry late at night while staying in a Paris loft.

Since this startling incident, Kardashian has "not [been] doing well," her sister Khloe Kardashian said, while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, reported E! News. The star's sister was not only robbed at gunpoint but tied down and thrown into a bathtub, while thieves disguised as French police ransacked the place. As you can imagine, Kim probably still feels shocked.

While a Kim Kardashian divorce hasn't been announced yet, Radar Online said that the reality TV star isn't too pleased with her man. Her husband and rapper Kanye West, headed less than a week after the robbery to Chicago to do a performance. An insider close to the Kardashian family said Kim didn't let her husband, "leave her alone without a fight."

After the initial robbery, Kardashian, her husband and two kids headed to their New York City apartment for a few days, before Kardashian headed back to her primary residence in Los Angeles. On her way home, fans of the reality TV star had noticed she and her children were flying without her husband.

A Kim Kardashian divorce wouldn't necessarily be a surprise. A friend of the family told Radar Online that the KUWTK star is quite frustrated with her husband.

"Kim was livid that Kanye went to Chicago instead of staying with her and the kids!"
Not only was Kardashian expecting that her husband would stay by her side, but the reality star allegedly cleared her schedule to spend as much time as possible with him. It turns out they weren't on the same page, explained the Kardashian clan insider.
"She cancelled everything and if there is ever a time that she needed Kanye by her side, it was right now."
Kim Kardashian divorcing Kanye only became more of a possibility when the rapper chose his fans, over his family, the insider told Radar Online. The unknown source close to the Kardashians said that the reality TV star was "super upset," when he had made this choice.

Naturally, Kanye West brought Kardashian family bodyguard, Pascal Duvie, with him to the Saint Pablo concert. Not only was the rapper reportedly "very upbeat" about having a sold out crowd in Chicago, but he told the audience that, "Tonight is a victory."

Kim Kardashian's divorce could be a victory, if the reality TV star went through with the idea. As Kanye had what appeared to be the time of his life, Kardashian continued to remain very angry with her husband, reported Radar Online. The inside source claimed that the Kim confided in her sisters.

"Kim told her sisters she could not believe that Kanye was going to Chicago when she needed him the most."
Though Kardashian begged her husband to stay and not leave alone with her two young children, Kanye made it very clear what his obligations were. The Kardashian clan insider said that "Before leaving Kim and the kids, Kanye told her someone's gotta pay the bills!"

A Kim Kardashian divorce could be a result of the reality TV star's emotionally volatile behavior. The unknown source close to the Kardashian insider spoke to this.

"Kanye just does not know how to handle Kim right now... She is just beyond consolable."
Hopefully, Kim Kardashian will recover from this traumatic robbery and re-evaluate what's most important in her life.
In the meanwhile, do you think a Kim Kardashian divorce will happen soon? Share your comments and opinions below.

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