‘Deadliest Catch’: Captain Yanked Off The Show, Star Not Interested In Fighting To Stay On Series

A Deadliest Captain cast member has been yanked off the show and is accepting of the network’s decision.

One of the program’s longtime captains won’t appear in Season 13 — or any seasons following that by the sounds of his announcement. Captain Josh Harris issued a statement on Facebook Friday announcing his departure from Deadliest Catch. He’s been on the all 12 seasons. He emphasized that the decision isn’t his but that of the producers and owners of the hit reality show. He was adamant that this had nothing to do with money disputes or anything like that.

Excerpts from his statement are published below.

“The Cornelia Marie and her crew are making their way out to the fishing grounds today. We do not have a camera crew aboard this king crab season. This was not our decision, and it was not made by the owners nor the captains of the Cornelia. This was not a dispute over money, this was simply a decision made by production Discovery. They have creative control over pretty much everything that airs on Deadliest Catch, and we respect that.”

The captain continued that he and the crew of the Cornelia Marie will miss the camera crew and inviting viewers into their world of crabbing. Harris expressed his heartfelt appreciation to fans for their outpouring of support; they’ve witnessed some of the best days of his life and the worst day of his life.

Harris teased that he’s exploring other options in his life as well, sharing with fans that his father used to tell him that he could be an astronaut. The Deadliest Catch veteran said “it’s gonna happen” and encouraged his fans to stay tuned to see what he’s talking about. He’s enthusiastic about other projects that he’s planning. Will he phase-out of fishing and enter another career or do something on the side?

Lastly, Captain Harris told fans there’s no need to protest his departure from Deadliest Catch by starting petitions.

“But, so no petitions are needed — none of that stuff. We love everybody and thank you very much to the world for watching me for the past decade here and we will be in touch, so keep in touch with our page and we’re going to do some amazing things!”

Harris isn’t interested in fighting to remain on the show even though he claims it wasn’t his decision to leave it. He evidently has other plans and would rather pursue those.

iTech Post reports that there were rumors Josh Harris had spats with Deadliest Catch producers and his co-stars. Salary is believed to be another factor in Harris’ departure, but none of this has been confirmed. Discovery has yet to issue a statement or address the captain’s impending absence from the show.

Other rumors suggest that Harris and his crew didn’t bring the drama other captains had on the show. Captain Sig Hansen’s heart attack was the peak of last season’s drama. Captain Jake Anderson delivered some over-the-top drama with his outbursts in his first season as a captain at the helm of the F/V Saga. Captain Keith Colburn was adjusting to life after his long marriage ended. Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski butted heads with his son, Zack, and it culminated in a father-son confrontation by the time the Season 12 finale aired.

Josh Harris’ father, Captain Phil Harris, was a legend on the show. His journey was well-documented on Deadliest Catch when it first launched. It showed him dealing with his son, Jake, and the addictions he faced. Phil had his own health crisis; he had a stroke and died in the hospital on the show. Josh was by his side the entire time and wanted to be the captain and crab fisherman his father could be proud of.

Deadliest Catch Season 13 will return on Discovery next spring.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]