Amber Marchese Cancer: Will She Leave Husband Jim After He Blames Her For Getting Sick?

Amber Marchese may have left The Real Housewives of New Jersey behind last year after Bravo decided to wait a whole season for Teresa Giudice to be released from prison, but she also had something else she had to deal with. After leaving the show, Amber announced that she had gotten the news from her doctor that she was suffering from cancer once again. Even though she had passed her five-year mark while filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the cancer returned, and Amber had to deal with it.

According to a new Radar Online report, Amber Marchese and Jim decided to go on Marriage Bootcamp to give their marriage some attention. Even though they aren’t filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it sounds like Amber and Jim are struggling in their marriage. The shocking part comes when Jim actually blames Amber Marchese for getting cancer, because she supposedly made some bad lifestyle choices.

He opens up about his issues with his wife during a scene where he has to pay his final respects. Dr. V rolls in Amber in a body bag and tells him to read a letter, where he repeats the last things he said to her.

“Jim should really understand this exercise than anybody because Amber’s battle with cancer is a reality that they both face,” the marriage counselor explains throughout the scenes, revealing that Jim “talks to her like she’s a 10-year-old instead of his wife.”

As Jim reads the letter, he comes across as a horrible husband. He hints that Amber Marchese is a drama queen, that she’s spending more money than she should, and that she withholds sex from him. Plus, he hints that she can’t say sorry for her mistakes.


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“You’re a drama queen. You spend too much money. I’d be okay if I got sex for every dollar you spent. In our 10 years you’ve never said I’m sorry,” Jim reads to Amber Marchese, to which Dr. V asks him if that is his final goodbye to his wife Amber, to which he says no.

While most people would have taken a step back and thought about what they had said to their spouses, Jim decides to point the finger at his wife, saying that Amber Marchese doesn’t seem thankful for him paying all of her medical bills.

“The thing is, I pay for the bills when they come. The chemotherapy, the hundreds of thousands,” Jim argues, to which Dr. V asks him, “Do you blame her for getting cancer?”

“A little bit,” Jim nodded, which caused Amber Marchese to break down in tears.

He later added, “I think she made some bad lifestyle decisions that may have contributed. You have to understand there are consequences.”

It sounds like Jim wants Amber to take responsibility for her health. After she was diagnosed with cancer, Marchese started working out, and she started getting healthy again. Her husband has tried to lift her up, and it looked like they were a power couple from a distance. But if he’s blaming Amber for getting cancer, it seems like he’s a completely different husband than fans may have originally expected. When Amber Marchese heard that he was blaming her for getting cancer, she started crying. But she didn’t lash out at him, which means that he may have told her about his feelings once before. That seems like a horrible situation to be in.

What do you think of Amber Marchese’s husband, Jim? Do you think he’s rude for blaming his wife for getting cancer, or do you think he’s just angry that he’s forced to spend the money that he’s worked so hard to make?

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