Chris Brown Believes Karrueche Tran Wants Him Back Amid Rihanna Reconciliation

Chris Brown is allegedly looking to win back Rihanna’s heart in the wake of her recent breakup with Drake, but could Chris’s other ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran now getting in the way of potential reconciliation?

According to reports, while Brown has reportedly set his sights on dating Rihanna once again, he also thinks that Karrueche could be looking to reconcile with him following their breakup last year.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Brown is convinced that Karrueche could be looking to get back together after she posted a text from her mom on social media that seemingly referred to Chris’s track “Back To Sleep,” which has long been rumored to be inspired by Tran.

Karrueche posted a screenshot of the text on Instagram alongside a skull and crying laughing emoji, which showed the message read, “I was driving home today and the radio [played] this song and I heard a guy shout your name.”

An insider then went on to reveal that Chris took Karrueche’s cryptic screenshot to mean that she could be hinting that she’s ready to get back together with Brown as rumors swirl that the singer is actually looking to reconcile with Rihanna following her breakup with Drake.

“Either Karrueche’s looking for attention or she’s trying to tell Chris she still wants him. Breezy thinks it’s both,” a source revealed to the site of how Brown allegedly reacted to Tran’s recent Instagram post referring to “Back To Sleep.”

The source even went on to claim that Tran’s post may have been a publicity stunt, alleging that all of Tran’s family were aware of the song when Brown first released it in 2015.

“Everyone in her family heard ‘Back To Sleep’ when it first came out and were all aware that at that time Chris was still madly in love with her and would have done anything to get her back,” the site’s source claimed, admitting that Brown believes Karrueche is “trying to tell him something” and potentially hinting at dating again via social media.

Chris Brown & Rihanna: Does Karrueche Tran Want Him Back?
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“[Chris] wishes she’d just tell him how she really feels — that she misses and loves him,” the insider continued amid the dating reconciliation rumors. “He’s grown and mature now and understands that honesty is the key to happiness.”

Notably, Karrueche’s Instagram post has some pretty interesting timing and came just days after Hollywood Life alleged that Brown was actually looking to reconcile with Rihanna now that she’s single following her split from Drake earlier this month.

Despite Brown being arrested for domestic violence against Rihanna in 2009, a source claimed that Chris believes he will one day be back together with the star and has supposedly been telling friends that it’s “just a matter of time” until he and Rihanna, who called it quits in 2013, reconcile and start dating again.

“Chris knows he’s still on Rihanna’s mind,” the site’s insider revealed amid claims the two could soon be dating again, adding that “[Chris] still loves [Rihanna] dearly” despite their rocky past.

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“Chris doesn’t believe for a second that romance and intimate relationship with Rihanna is over for good,” Hollywood Life continued as the reconciliation rumors swirled around Brown and Rihanna, adding that Chris believes “it’s just a matter of time” until the two are officially back together despite splitting three years ago.

While neither Chris nor Rihanna have spoken out about the alleged reconciliation rumors, the site claimed in a later report that Brown has supposedly been showering Rihanna with gifts to prove he’s serious about getting back together and dating again.

“[Chris] just had his assistant send a ton of stuff to [Rihanna] in Barbados for her and her family,” a source claimed of Brown, claiming that the singer has supposedly sent Rihanna and her family “booze, flowers, a bunch of toys for all the kids” because he “knows the way to her heart is through her family.”

“He’s saying he’s going to get her back, that they belong together and stuff,” the Brown insider added.

What do you think of reports claiming that Chris Brown is looking to get back together with Rihanna amid reports Karrueche Tran is also looking to reunite with the singer?

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