‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Comforts A Grieving Sonny-Is She Trying To Take Over Carly’s Life?

Ever since Nelle Hayes showed up on General Hospital months ago, fans have been wondering what her deal really is. As Josslyn’s kidney donor, she has been taken in by the Corinthos family, eventually becoming Carly’s assistant and helping to care for little Avery. While she appeared to be lending a sympathetic ear to those around her, it looks like she may have an agenda after all.

This week on General Hospital has Nelle becoming closer with Sonny. According to spoilers by Soap Central, she will be comforting and supporting the grieving father after losing his son Morgan to the car bomb. It was an accident, but Sonny is feeling guilty and everyone else is blaming him too. It doesn’t look good for the mob boss as he faces an arrest and losing Carly as well.

Ms. Hayes seems to be ready and waiting to lend her support. Everyone else has left the Corinthos mansion except for Nelle, who had offered to stay to help with Avery. She is now alone in that big house with Sonny and may end up taking full advantage of the situation.

Is she trying to take over Carly’s life? It may be headed that way and General Hospital viewers are not exactly keen on this whole scenario. Carly has moved out with Josslyn after she found out that her husband had ordered a hit on Julian Jerome. While it looks like it was Sonny who was at fault for killing their son, it may come out later that he definitely called off the hit in time and it was someone else’s bomb that blew up instead. However, it could be too late to save Sonny and Carly’s marriage.

Nelle has been a big help for the family, but she did give a hint of things to come as she was talking to Carly the other day. She told her that she wants the life that Carly has and Carly told her that she will end up getting everything she desires. Little does she know that Nelle may not only be striving for the kind of life that her boss has, but she may just be planning to take over her life, and that includes snagging her husband. Has she been plotting revenge against Carly all this time or is she just seeing an opportunity and running with it?

Later this week on General Hospital, Ava will come knocking on Sonny’s door. She is Avery’s mother, so she may just be visiting with her, or she will be trying to take Avery away from her daddy because of what happened to Morgan. Of course, her visit will end up making things worse. She will no doubt be lurking around Morgan’s bedroom once again to make sure that there is no evidence of her messing with those pills.

Does Nelle catch Ava in the act? According to General Hospital spoilers posted by Soaps She Knows, these two women will come face-to-face this week. Nelle will confront Ava, but it is unknown just yet whether she will really know Ava’s part in Morgan’s demise. If she does catch onto her dirty deed, Nelle may just go running to Sonny to let him in on the situation. This revelation would certainly put her into Sonny’s good graces by outing the person who had screwed with his dead son’s mental health.

However, there is always a chance that Nelle will make some kind of a deal with Ava to keep Sonny from killing her. That is exactly what would happen if he would ever find out what Ava did. He would also have leverage so that she would never see Avery again. When it comes right down to it, neither parent is fit to raise their daughter at this point. Sonny’s life is always filled with violence and danger, while Ava’s choices put others in danger as well.

Nelle seems to currently be right in the middle of Sonny’s life. With Carly moved out and Sonny grieving, this is her opportunity to move right in to be the person that Sonny turns to right now. Will Sonny take the bait? Some say that Nelle reminds them of Carly when she first came to Port Charles many years ago. Do you agree?

Why do you think Nelle really came to town? Keep watching General Hospital to find out what happens this week.

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