WWE News: Major Details For Goldberg’s WWE Return Revealed For Tonight’s ‘Raw’

After several months of speculation and pleading from the WWE Universe, Bill Goldberg will be making his return to WWE programming tonight on Monday Night Raw for his first appearance on WWE television in over 12 years. He’ll be addressing Paul Heyman on behalf of Brock Lesnar, and the expectation is that Goldberg vs. Lesnar will be announced for WWE Survivor Series and the build to the match will begin.

As of this writing, Brock Lesnar is not expected to be on Raw tonight, but he will be returning to WWE TV next week in Minneapolis. Goldberg and Lesnar won’t be in the same ring together until the November 14 edition of Raw from Buffalo. Obviously, WWE is scheduling the feud very carefully, which includes giving Goldberg the spotlight on Raw tonight for his historic return.

WWE fans were assuming that Goldberg vs. Lesnar would be a huge match for next year’s Wrestlemania in Orlando, but WWE officials have decided on WWE Survivor Series next month instead. That doesn’t leave them long to build the feud. What’s interesting is the fans were so preoccupied with if Goldberg would be returning to WWE to face Lesnar that few have been asking the question of how WWE will book their feud.

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Goldberg’s return was announced last week, so the WWE Universe has had a full week to speculate about what WWE will do tonight on Raw. A lot of rumors have been created since then. For example, it has been rumored that Goldberg could be turning heel before WWE Survivor Series. There is no way that WWE would pull the trigger on that tonight, but that’s just a taste of what the WWE Universe is thinking.

Apparently, Vince McMahon isn’t thinking that deeply about Goldberg’s return to WWE because he is said to be uninterested in the entire angle, which explains why WWE is booking the match for next month rather than at Wrestlemania. That means Goldberg will have to earn his spot on WWE programming beyond WWE Survivor Series, which makes tonight’s return extremely important in determining his future with WWE.

According to a recent report, WWE’s plans for tonight’s Raw are for Goldberg to be the one to lay down the challenge to Lesnar for a match at WWE Survivor Series, which could be accepted by Paul Heyman on the spot. However, WWE will likely drag out the suspense for Brock’s return next week on Raw in Minneapolis.

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The schedule has been revealed for the feud’s buildup to WWE Survivor Series, and more dates have been added for Goldberg over the coming weeks. There is an entire generation of WWE fans that aren’t familiar with Goldberg’s history, so it’s going to be important for WWE to demonstrate that he is a threat to Brock Lesnar inside the ring. Goldberg needs to prove the Spear and Jackhammer combo are as strong as ever.

It’s been reported that Goldberg will be wrestling on the November 14 edition of Monday Night Raw in Buffalo. As of this writing, it’s unconfirmed who his opponent will be, but the report above is also claiming that WWE will be using a lower card wrestler to put over Goldberg and prove him a threat to Brock Lesnar.

Before Bill Goldberg makes his potentially epic return to WWE programming tonight on Raw, it’s crystal clear that WWE has done the work and has a well thought out plan for the Goldberg vs. Lesnar feud. The WWE Universe will see history tonight on Raw, but it has the potential to be just the beginning. If the feud with Lesnar goes well, Goldberg could have more matches heading into Wrestlemania 33 next year.

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