NFL Rumors: Terrell Suggs Injury Believed To Be Torn Biceps

In the NFL, the older you get, the tougher injuries are to deal with. Terrell Suggs tore his left bicep, as reported by ESPN. It happened during a Baltimore Ravens loss to the New York Giants on Sunday. The veteran linebacker is not expected to miss the rest of the season due to the injury.

The injury took place while Suggs was sacking New York Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning. At the time of the injury, the 14-year veteran was not aware of how severe the injury was. He had the medical personnel wrap up his arm, but Suggs was not allowed to return to the game.

As with most players that have spent several years in the NFL, injuries are now a factor for Terrell Suggs. Back in 2012, Suggs also suffered a torn biceps injury. He also had an Achilles injury that year as well, which kept him out of action.

If nothing else, Terrell Suggs is going to try to get back on the court as soon as he can for the Baltimore Ravens because injuries have ravaged the defense. Elvis Dumervil has been forced to miss some snaps because of a foot injury. Suggs wants to make sure that he can still be on the field to provide a pass rush.

The Baltimore Ravens are not going to know for sure what the status of Terrell Suggs is until he undergoes tests on Monday afternoon. That is when most NFL teams figure out what is wrong with players after a rough weekend.

Being an old school player, Terrell Suggs is said to be willing to play through the pain. He wants to ignore the injury because he wants to help the Baltimore Ravens get to the NFL Playoffs. That’s the type of sacrifice that goes unnoticed by casual fans.

Baltimore Ravens defensive end Elvis Dumervil
Elvis Dumervil [Image by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]

Aside from being a pass rushing threat for the Baltimore Ravens, Terrell Suggs will be missed by the crew because he was the emotional leader. Suggs was the guy that rallied the troops because he felt that this was his team to command.

Terrell Suggs will never be mistaken for Ray Lewis, who turned himself into one of the best players that the Baltimore Ravens has ever seen in their history. Lewis could easily have commanded any group of players and turned them into a competitive unit because he led by example.

What Terrell Suggs is, though, is a versatile linebacker that can do many things. If he needs to cover running backs and tight ends, then Suggs can step back and do just that. If Suggs is asked to rush the quarterback, then he can do that as well for the Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco [Image by Al Bello/Getty Images]

Terrell Suggs led the Baltimore Ravens in sacks, so his absence is going to definitely be felt by the team. Suggs stated that he was aware of his serious his injury was, but he will now see which teammate is going to challenge him for the sacks lead.

The “next man up” mantra is not limited to just players. The Baltimore Ravens coaching staff recently saw the departure and dismissal of Marc Trestman as their offensive coordinator. Trestman was considered one of the sharpest offensive minds in football. He was replaced on the staff by Marty Mornhinweg, who is a veteran of the NFL.

Terrell Suggs is not new to sitting on the sideline while watching his teammates try to salvage a season. The veteran is going to have to go through that again because he is not healthy enough to be on the field.

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