October 17, 2016
WWE News: Mick Foley Quits Twitter After Debate With Fan Goes Public

WWE Hall of Fame star Mick Foley has always been open with fans on social media. He has responded to fans comments on both Twitter and Facebook, and it now sounds like he has even direct messaged some fans in response to comments, opening up a dialogue that really seems above-and-beyond in today's world of celebrities.

However, it sounds like that has come to an end as a Mick Foley Twitter post stated that a fan making a direct message public has caused him to choose not to talk to fans through direct messaging anymore. Mick Foley also said that he will be leaving Twitter for the next week.

"Unfortunately, due to a fan posting DM's that were obviously meant to stay private, I will no longer be able to communicate with fans by DM. This seems like I good time to take a break from Twitter. Catch up with you again on 10/24."
WrestleZone found the messages that the fan posted online from the conversation. In the Mick Foley Twitter direct message, Mick reached out to the fan after that fan made comments that the WWE needs to push Summer Rae now on WWE Monday Night Raw.
In the Mick Foley Twitter posts, Foley asked the fan why they felt now was the time to talk about pushing another female wrestler when Sasha Banks and Charlotte were about to fight in a Hell in a Cell match, what Foley called the biggest match in WWE history.

The fan responded to Mick Foley on Twitter that the WWE was pushing the same two wrestlers against each other every week in the women's division while there are nine women on the Raw roster and seven of them are just stagnating. Mick Foley asked the fan to be more respectful because he was reaching out to talk to them as a courtesy. The conversation seemed to ease up after that.

The Mick Foley Twitter conversation continued as the fan apologized to Mick Foley and then said that other women deserved a chance as well. Foley pointed out that in 2015, there were a ton of women pushed after the Diva's Revolution started and it caused it to fizzle out. However, now there is a personal feud between two wrestlers and it is heating up again.

Mick Foley did say that the WWE is planning on pushing more of the women in the future but want to give all the women a chance to shine instead of pushing everyone at the same time. The fan listed some matches and moments that made them believe that Summer Rae deserves a push and Mick Foley said he would watch them. The fan then posted the conversation online and that caused a Mick Foley Twitter blackout as he steps away from directly talking to fans on social media anymore.


This Mick Foley Twitter controversy comes just a day after the Inquisitr reported that former WCW head Eric Bischoff said that he didn't think fans wanted to see two women beat each other up inside a Hell in a Cell match. That has come under fire from many fans online, and it seems like Mick Foley might disagree with that statement as well as he sees it as a step up for the women.

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