Kardashians Declare War On Chyna, Stand Behind Brother Rob In 'Revenge Porn' Scandal

The Kardashians have reportedly declared war on Blac Chyna following the latest eruption of social media war between Rob Kardashian and his ex-fiancee. The Kardashian sisters and their mother Kris Jenner re-affirmed their support for Rob after Blac Chyna's attorney said she was considering legal action against Rob for posting her nude photos to social media.

"Kim, Khloe and Kourtney want to kill Blac Chyna right now," a source said, according to Radar Online. "The whole family hates her and they have for a while."

"And Kris is ready for war," the alleged source added. "She trusted Blac and gave her a show and then she disrespects her by doing this!"

This is not the first time that the Kardashians have voiced their disapproval of Chyna. Following multiple allegations in the past that Chyna was cheating on their brother Rob, the Kardashian sisters allegedly hired a private investigator to catch Chyna in the act.

"They always knew that she was up to no good that's why they hired a PI to follow her around," the source allegedly said. "They wanted him to have closure!"

Blac Chyna was accused last year of cheating on Rob Kardashian with the singer and former Glee star, Pilot Jones. She was caught on camera on multiple occasions partying late at night with Pilot and making out with him.

A source alleged that Jones and Chyna "kissed and made out every time they saw each other." Photos also emerged online showing Chyna and Jones kissing.

After Dream Kardashian was born on November 10, 2016, Jones claimed he also had sex with Chyna and asked for a DNA test to confirm Dream's paternity.

"Blac Chyna can't deny what happened between them, and she certainly shouldn't be threatening him."
Despite affirming their support for Rob, the Kardashians expressed concern about his decision to post naked pictures of Chyna to social media, saying that his actions could hurt his daughter, Dream.
According to TMZ, the Kardashian are also telling their friends that the ongoing public altercation between Rob and Chyna is shameful. It is hurting the family name and damaging their brand, they said.

The latest social media war between Rob and Chyna erupted after Rob took to social media earlier in the week, claiming that Chyna had sent him a video showing her making out with a man. He also claimed that a man sent him a text message asking him to help pay Chyna's bill.

Rob responded with fury, posting several nude pictures of Blac Chyna to Instagram. When Instagram shut down his page, he began posting the same pictures to his Twitter page.

Meanwhile, Walter Mosely, Blac Chyna's attorney, has said that Chyna is looking at possible legal action against Rob after he posted her naked photos to social media.

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