WWE News: Sheamus Admits He Was Used To Get Roman Reigns Over With Fans

The WWE has been trying to get Roman Reigns over for the last two years. Many fans have rejected him because they felt he was pushed to the top without deserving it and refused to buy into him as the top face in the company. However, there was a small time where the fans finally bought into it, and it was all thanks to Sheamus and the League of Nations.

The Mirror interviewed Sheamus and he said that the entire purpose of his last WWE world title reign was just to help get Roman Reigns back over. Sheamus feels that his run was a huge success because the fans were finally cheering for Roman Reigns after booing him for much of the last year.

"It 's funny, I look at the thing with Roman and it was great for me, because when we went to Philly [in December 2015], almost a year before at the Rumble they booed him out of the building. But when we were having a match, they were chanting 'Roman Reigns'. So at that moment I knew I was doing my job. I had a job to do and that was to get Roman back where he needed to be you know."
Sheamus said that when he returned this past time, his only goal was to be a true heel and never get any cheers from the fans. He said it is hard because when someone returns from an injury, the fans are trying to cheer for him. He said that his goal was getting only boos, and it worked.
Sheamus also said that he was in a tough spot because it was supposed to be Seth Rollins against Roman Reigns for the WWE title, but Rollins was hurt so they went with Sheamus. This led to the formation of the League of Nations, surrounding Sheamus with heels like Rusev, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio.

This isn't the first time that someone said that the League of Nations was simply a ploy to get Roman Reigns over in the WWE. After Wade Barrett was released from the WWE, he did an interview and The Inquisitr reported that he said the only reason for the League of Nations was to make the fans cheer Roman Reigns.

It worked for a short time, but as Sheamus said in his interview, the WWE cut his legs out from under him when he was really getting some momentum. Sheamus said that he was really rolling as the most despised heel in the WWE when the WWE decided he had done his job by getting Roman Reigns back over and then they just ended the League of Nations.


The success was short-lived. Despite Roman Reigns finally getting cheers, when Sheamus was pushed aside, Roman Reigns failed to keep his momentum. The fans began to boo Roman Reigns again and Sheamus was seen as nothing more than a mid-card wrestler again.

Now, Roman Reigns is working as the United States champion and has been feuding with Rusev for months, something that has gotten him cheers again. Meanwhile, it is Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens in the Universal Championship feud, and Sheamus is just now getting more title opportunities in the tag team title scene. Luckily for Sheamus, he feels the feud with Cesaro has revitalized his career for the first time since the WWE had him put Roman Reigns over.

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