Chrissy Metz Of ‘This Is Us’ Talks Huge Spoilers, All About Kate And Plus Size Stereotypes

This is Us has captivated fans with just three episodes and viewers can’t wait for more. The characters all pull at heartstrings, but one character in particular has swept the nation off its feet and that is Kate, played by actress Chrissy Metz. Chrissy is perfect for the role in more ways than one. Metz is lovable, on screen and off, and many fans can relate to the issues she faces, such as weight, self confidence, and being insecure. As Season 1 goes on, viewers will learn more about why Kate is the way she is. Chrissy has shared a few spoilers, giving fans an early clue of what is to come.

Us Weekly spoke with Chrissy about the premiere season of This is Us and got some insight into what fans can expect to happen later down the road. Metz shared that there will definitely be more tears shed. Chrissy even admitted that co-star Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, and herself were sobbing at a recent table read of the script. This is Us is brilliant at leading fans through good times, bad times, and many twists and turns.

Chrissy goes on to talk about her love interest on the show, Toby, played by Chris Sullivan. Metz reveals that Toby really has deeper issues than just being overweight. Chrissy says he uses comedy to cover up the hurt he is feeling. Metz shares that fans will learn why Toby gained all the weight in upcoming episodes. In a sneak peek of next week, everyone will meet Toby’s ex-wife, who happens to be very thin. Chrissy says in her mind his character was not always overweight. Metz says that while he acts like he doesn’t care about losing weight, he does, just maybe not as much as Kate does.

Metz also shares that, eventually, it will be revealed that something happened in Kate’s childhood that made Kate insecure. Chrissy shares that Kate is the glue that holds the family together and she does not really know who she is outside of being her twin brother Kevin’s assistant.

“What you will find out through the younger Kate is that she is very headstrong, and when younger, she was really confident. And you see this incident happens, and her self-confidence starts to fade even though Jack, as her father, wanted to just love her unconditionally.”

Not only is Metz rocking the role of Kate, Chrissy is breaking stereotype molds of plus-sized women as well. Variety shared some thoughts Chrissy had when she auditioned for the role of Kate.

“I thought… What? A plus-size actress that is remotely attractive and has a love interest… in Hollywood? I need this!” Chrissy went on to say, “So many people are defined by a number. If there was going to be a pioneer of the plus-size girl of my shape on TV, why not me? We’re not defined by our weight or what we wear but this is a very poignant story that needs to be told.”

In an interview with Glamour, Chrissy said she doesn’t let labels bother her.

“I don’t find my identity in my weight, I’m so much more than the weight that I carry on my body.” Chrissy went on to say, “I do believe if we don’t accept ourselves, we don’t get to be the people that we’re supposed to be.”

When asked what she hopes viewers will learn from Kate’s story, Chrissy replied with the following.

“I hope they take away that no matter what we’re all contending with — whether it’s a weight issue, a self-esteem issue — it’s never to late to do what it is that you know in your heart what you should be doing. At the end of the day we all want to be loved.”

Just like Chrissy’s character Kate, Metz celebrated her 36th birthday in September. People shared details about what Metz said was the biggest party she had ever had. Metz even titled her party “This is 36.” Chrissy and Kate both have a lot to look forward to during the upcoming year.

“Kate and I are both on the precipice of incredible times in our lives. Coming into our own and achieving personal success and happiness simultaneously is pretty amazing.”

Chrissy has a lot going for her and now she can check having a lead role off of her bucket list. Not only is she doing it, Metz is doing it amazingly well.

This is Us will be returning for Episode 4 this week. Don’t miss Chrissy and the rest of the brilliant This is Us cast Tuesday nights on NBC.

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