Mariah Carey: Wendy Williams Throws Shade The Diva's Way, Will She Ever Marry James Packer?

Mariah Carey has enjoyed a successful, yet whirlwind year, with a new reality docu-series, Mariah's World, a new soon-to-be hubby, James Packer, a popular Vegas residency and a world tour, the diva has not slowed down one bit, as E! Online reminds, Despite family drama regarding Carey's sister, Alison, who has battled addiction and has been diagnosed with HIV, Mariah has maintained her place in the spotlight, just where she likes to be.

Her engagement to billionaire James Packer made headlines for months due to the sizable rock he put on Carey's finger, but there has been talk by some doubtful individuals of the entertainment world that the pair will even get hitched. One such figure is talk show host Wendy Williams, who shared her thoughts on her program this past week.
"Like she's cute and pretty and fun and wealthy and all that stuff. But at the end of the day is she marriage material? Is she the girl you want to be friends with or is she going to be that needy girl buzzing your phone all night long while you're trying to take care of your life? According to Life & Style magazine, he thinks that her diva behaviour in the beginning was adorable and now he thinks she's annoying."
The talk show host has been involved in some shade -throwing in the past with Mariah, but this assumption by Williams may draw a few words from the songstress, seeing as Wendy insists on targeting Carey's character and persona, much like Miley Cyrus did months ago. If Mariah does not speak up, it's likely her Lambs will. Wiliams went on to note reasons why Packer may become a bit bored with the Carey routine.
"James - here's the deal. The way you met her is the way she is. Like it or not. You're late to the party. We all saw her get onto the treadmill on Cribs on MTV. We've all seen her 'sweetie dahling' routine that she does. We've heard the rumours that she only likes her own music playing when she walks into venues and places and her house. I don't know how true all of this, except I'm saying there is no perfect person. Mariah has been nothing but Mariah since you met her... she's still been messy but the way her fans like her."
Wendy carries on by insisting James not expect Mariah to "morph" into something she is not and has never been, as the Mirror shares. The host of The Wendy Williams Show also spoke of the fact that Mariah is still not even divorced yet and has adorable twins to care for. Williams then questions as to why the pair are rushing things when the divorce papers have not even been signed yet. In addition, Wendy hones in on the fact that children for the pair are unlikely, therefore causing her to reiterate the question about why the two are rushing things.
"So you can't come along right now Sir and expect her to change into something else. She's not going to change, James. You have to decide what you want to do. She's not going to have anymore children. She already has her two adorable twins and her body is back. And you already have your kids and you're still married. You have to sort that out. Why get married? Why don't you guys just be sexy and date."
James Packer, 49, a billionaire businessman, popped the question to the 47-year-old back in January, and Williams is assured that seeing as the wedding has been reportedly pushed off once already, along with the other reasons she stated, the two will never make it down the aisle.

[Feature Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]