Is Rockstar Teasing ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Sequel With New Tweet?

It’s been six years since Red Dead Redemption, and it seems Rockstar is finally coming out with something that reeks of gunpowder and cowboy goodness.

Red Dead Redemption has been one of the most popular and phenomenal titles of its age, back when it was released in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A third-person open-world action adventure set in the wild wild west, Red Dead Redemption follows the story of former outlaw John Marston, whose wife and son are taken hostage by the government.

It's been six years since Red Dead Redemption and fans are clamoring for a sequel [Photo via Rockstar Games]
It’s been six years since Red Dead Redemption, and fans are clamoring for a sequel [Image via Rockstar Games]

Six years after Red Dead Redemption’s release, and Rockstar has yet to come out with a sequel. It’s impossible that something so great and so popular wouldn’t get a sequel since banking on a franchise’s popularity is basically the most popular money-making scheme in the books! But Rockstar has kept so very quiet, painfully quiet if you ask us, about any news on a Red Dead Redemption sequel. In fact, the closest thing we got was the leaked Red Dead Redemption map in April. An independent and anonymous source previously confirmed to TechRadar that the map is real and a “very recent” art direction model. So where is the rest of the Red Dead Redemption sequel or prequel?

It seems we’re getting pretty close to some revelation. Finally.

Just a couple of hours earlier today, Rockstar Games’ official Twitter page posted a tweet containing a photo of the Rockstar logo on a red background, and nothing else.

Does this mean something related to the Red Dead Redemption sequel or prequel? We sure do hope so. It’s coincidentally fishy that Rockstar changed the banners on their Twitter page and Facebook page to this very same blood red photo.

Minutes into Rockstar’s post, the whole gaming community is already exploding in anticipation and Red Dead Redemption theories via comments on Facebook.

Shawn Michael This HAS to be a tease for a new Red Dead or a Remaster. It HAS to be! Don’t play with our emotions Rockstar Games!

Jonathan Longden: RDR3 or Remastered
Either way it will be in my library


Micky McDonald Red Dead 3 with Red Dead 2 Remastered bundled in? Now that’s worth paying money for lol

Dan Cross Not once in my 27 years of gaming has one single image BLOWN MY MIND as much as this. ROCKSTAR are the KINGS of the video game industry!!!!! #reddead3 #returntothewest #deadmansgun

In fact, everyone is so excited even a few noted personalities like Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda reacted to Rockstar’s tweet.

Indeed, it is only now that one single image and nothing else has created this much commotion in the gaming industry. Tons of Red Dead Redemption fans are sure to keep an eye out for any news to follow up on this move by Rockstar.

While there are an array of possibilities as to what this Rockstar image means in terms of Red Dead Redemption, this seems to be a teaser to announce the sequel/prequel that has been long overdue. Red Dead Redemption has just been recently added to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility library, and reviews are reporting that it’s working magnificently, which means that a Red Dead Redemption might not be the case.

However if this is the Red Dead Redemption sequel/prequel that we have been waiting for, there is much to point to that. Take note, Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two Interactive CEO, confirmed to Gamenguide previously that Red Dead Redemption “is a permanent franchise and its sequel will be made really soon and fans just need to wait for its new and exciting features.”

In the meantime, let’s all cross our fingers and see what Rockstar has in store for us Red Dead Redemption fans.

[Featured Image via Rockstar Games]

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