'American Horror Story' Season 6 Episode 6 Spoilers: Was It A Hoax All Along? [Video]

American Horror Story: Roanoke has had a skinny cast for the first five episodes of the year, but more characters are starting to come into play and fans can welcome Cheyenne Jackson back for some seriously intriguing action. But Episode 6 of American Horror Story Season 6 is about to change all the dials on the barometer and have fans wondering just what they have been watching since September this year.

Understandably so, American Horror Story fans have witnessed the grand entrance of the anthology series' most notable and favorite stars, Evan Peters, according to USA Today. To add a little more perversity to the situation, Peters plays Edward Mott, an 18th century wealthy, gay aristocrat who built the Roanoke house.

Does that name sound familiar? Well, it should. Edward Mott is the earliest known form of the Mott family that was famously portrayed by Finn Wittrock and Frances Conroy, the disturbing mother-son duo who were blessed with family wealth but had no way to keep themselves entertained, on Season 4 of American Horror Story: Freak Show.It certainly does seem fitting that American Horror Story would cast Evan Peters in the role, making him the one who portrays both the beginning and the end of the Mott family. He played Jimmy Darling in American Horror Story: Freak Show, who nailed the final coffin in the family when he participated in the killing of Dandy Mott in a tank that was filled with water by the remaining freaks. As most have already witnessed, producers for American Horror Story like to add a little twisted humor to their episodes.

Herein lies the most pivotal episode for American Horror Story: Roanoke, Episode 6. The nightmare that has been unfolding in front of fans has been presented in what appears to be a faux documentary show with dramatic reenactments and fake representations of what it bills as a true story. But in fact, the story part of the faux documentary seems to be over. The main players in American Horror Story: Roanoke, Cuba Gooding Jr., Angela Bassett and Sarah Paulson, have successfully gotten off the land and are resting comfortably away from the chaos.

So essentially, there is nothing more to tell about the fake events that took place at the Roanoke house on American Horror Story. But it seems as though the entrance of Cheyenne Jackson and his "ambush interview" team might just prove that the show is taking the content in a completely different direction. As matter of fact, the rest of the season might just be playing out with a found footage style of filming mixed in with the standard content.It isn't so unreasonable to think that these faux episodes of My Roanoke Nightmare have taken the fictional version of the nation by storm, forcing people to seek out the cursed Roanoke house and to find proof that ghosts actually exist. Jackson could be on a different mission though, attempting to prove that the whole thing was a hoax and that Shelby and Matt were attempting to cash in on a fake situation, possibly to get their money back for the house they bought on impulse at an auction. Buyer's remorse? Anything is possible for American Horror Story.

If that scenario sounds familiar, it's because it is believed to be what happened at 112 Ocean Avenue back in the 1970s in Amityville, New York. Otherwise known as The Amityville Horror.

All the key elements for that are in place on American Horror Story: Roanoke. For all the outside world knows, the family just left their house in a hurry one night and did not take any of their belongings with them.

Maybe American Horror Story fans have gotten it wrong all season long. Maybe it isn't about Roanoke at all. Maybe the theme is really delving into Amityville.

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