Tyga's Ex Demi Rose Copies Kylie Jenner Again, Goes Topless

Kylie Jenner has quite a few copycats given her reputation as a fashion icon. But when the person copying her is Tyga's ex Demi Rose, then she is sure to take it as a compliment.

It wasn't very long ago that Kylie Jenner posed topless on the cover of Complex magazine, the Inquisitr has reported. Following this, Demi Rose Mawby posted a topless picture of herself on her Instagram. Granted that it was no magazine cover, but it goes on to prove that when it comes to following in the steps of Kylie, Demi Rose never misses the opportunity.This is not the first time Demi Rose Mawby has copied Kylie Jenner. The Inquisitr had earlier reported that Demi Rose likes to cash in on the fact that she resembles Kylie Jenner a lot, and since then she has made sure that she tries to outdo Kylie Jenner in some way.Demi Rose Mawby, the English model from Birmingham, shot to fame after she was seen at the Cannes Film Festival party with Tyga. This was when Tyga and Kylie Jenner had broken up before getting back together, of course. Demi Rose already has 3.1 million Instagram fans who like to follow what she is doing. Demi has become so popular that she even endorses the same brand of tea as the Kardashians.The copycat selfies started when Kylie Jenner posted a picture of herself in a black bikini, and soon after Demi Rose did the same. Of course, there were discussions among fans about who wore the black bikini better, but now Demi Rose Mawby also has her own strong fan base that is very loyal to her.
While Demi Rose Mawby has gained much fame, her journey to stardom hasn't been easy. The Inquisitr had stated that Demi Rose's escort profile had been made public. TMZ had posted a snapshot of the profile. However, Demi Rose denied ever having been an escort and labeled it an incident of identity theft.

When the controversy settled, Demi Rose went back to posting steamy hot selfies of herself.

The Daily Mail had stated that she comes from a very small town in Birmingham. Demi's father is a bank manager and her mother works for NHS. Her mother Christine, who is disabled, said that Demi Rose wasn't really confident of her potential as a model. Her mother says Demi didn't think she was good enough. However, she kept on trying hard and eventually shot to fame.

But do her parents mind her posting racy pictures on social media? Her mother says they don't.

"We don't mind at all. She always said she wouldn't do nudity not that we've told her not to, her pictures are racy and suggestive but she shows them all to us."

They go on to say that they would support Demi in whatever she wants to do. "We're right behind her. She's such a beautiful girl, why shouldn't she? If you've got it, flaunt it."

They also say that she might have become famous but that hasn't changed anything about her. "She's very kind and a really down-to-earth girl – nothing like what we are seeing in the press."

Just like any regular girl, Demi likes to relax at home with her pets. "When she's at home she's perfectly normal. She loves her cat Raggles and her big white Samoyed dog Leo. She's a great cook and is a homebody." It looks like Demi Rose may resemble Kylie Jenner, but her life at home is nothing like Kylie Jenner's.

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[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]