Australian Reality Competitor Says Date With Kim Kardashian Led To Him ‘Turning Gay’

Most red-blooded men — and a few women — would kill for the chance to spend some one-on-one time with Kim Kardashian, but a contestant from an upcoming episode of a romance-themed competition series says that the few minutes he spent with the reality star led to him “turning” gay.

Melbourne native Jimmy Ladgrove has decided to take a chance on love on the U.K. program Undressed, where two lonely people spend a half-hour in bed together while wearing nothing but their underwear. Before stripping down, however, Ladgrove shared a luck-of-the-draw story with Mirror Online, where he explained that back in college, he was able to win a date with the notable Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

Ladgrove says that as a student at his school five years ago, he entered a creative competition on Facebook where the top prize was a romantic rendezvous with the curvaceous media personality, except, as it soon turned out, it was anything but romantic.

“The date wasn’t [exactly] what you’d expect,” he explained. “It wasn’t [a] dinner [date]. It [actually] took place at a clothing shop in Melbourne in a really upmarket designer area.”

Additionally, Ladgrove went on to relay that it was wasn’t just him with Kardashian. Along with a group of personal friends, the now-wife and mother also had a gaggle of confidantes accompanying them, as well as a mass of hysterical followers right outside the store they were in.

“They closed down the shop for me and my friends and her,” he continued, “and we just hung out together. There were loads of fans outside the shop waiting to see her and I felt really strange being there. I remember thinking ‘What have I got myself into?'”

As the “date” went on, Ladgrove remarked that Kardashian barely paid any attention to him at first, choosing instead to chat away with her accomplices and the occasional fan. Eventually, the brunette finally remembered why she was in Australia, and gave some time to her winning suitor.

“We sat around a table and chatted. I got to sit next to her and we drank Fiji water, which was amazing, because as a student, I could never have afforded to buy that stuff at $5 a bottle.”

At the time, unbeknownst to the chatty Kardashian, the bearded Ladgrove had actually been battling quite the major secret: he wasn’t sure on whether or not he was attracted to women in a romantic or sexual way. Although he said to have found her to be quite beautiful (“I was shocked at how short she is,” he deduced, “but I’d say she looks better in real life”), he realized that he simply wasn’t that into her — or any female, for that matter.

“I would say she looked too good to be true and although I could appreciate her beauty, I knew that if I didn’t fancy her then I must be gay. I just didn’t look at her as a sexual object.”

kim kardashian
Kardashian and West tied the knot back in 2014. [Photo by Bryan Bedder/Stringer/Getty Images]

The two parted ways shortly thereafter and seemingly never kept in touch. Ladgrove eventually found self-comfort with his true self, while Kardashian ultimately went on to marry controversial hip-hop star, Kanye West. As most are aware of, the now 35-year-old businesswoman and television star is a mother of two children, daughter, North West, 3, and son, Saint West, 10 months.


Ladgrove, meanwhile, is hoping to have more luck by making a connection with Olly, another openly gay man he met on the set of Undressed. You can see how it turns out for yourself when his episode airs this coming Wednesday, October 19, at 10 pm on TLC UK. Check out a preview of the cheeky series below.

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