Emma Stone Reveals New Pixie Cut And Still Loves Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone rarely makes appearances in the media, even shying away from social media, preferring to instead save her performances for the screen, such as is the case with La La Land. To promote the film, Stone broke her unspoken rule and teamed up with Vogue for a new interview, surprising many fans who have grown accustomed to Emma’s long, flowing, fiery red hair. Most of that is gone now. As Emma talks about La La Land, it’s difficult to look past her short pixie haircut, even as she shares her thoughts on starring alongside Ryan Gosling in La La Land and opens up about her true feelings for former boyfriend, Andrew Garfield.

La La Land Star Emma Stone On Navigating The Real Hollywood Experience

The plot of La La Land might be easily surmised by its title, at least in part, with Emma Stone playing the aspiring actress named Mia, who comes to befriend hopeful jazz club owner, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). While La La Land is part musical and part comedy, the more dramatic scenes use Stone and Gosling to tell the often discouraging tale of a city filled with people struggling to realize their dreams. It is an old story, but Emma says little has changed in that respect, particularly for women hoping to make a name for themselves in the limelight.

Ms. Stone recalls her early days in Los Angeles vividly, citing a Paris Hilton party as one of her first exposures to the Hollywood lifestyle. Just as memorable were devastating casting call rejections and getting an ear-splitting berating for failing to memorize her lines perfectly.

Emma says there’s always the fear that she might end up right back there, struggling to again climb her way to the top of the heap, reclaiming success that had somehow slipped through her fingers.

“You always feel a little bit like that,” Stone says. “That you could again be an outsider, that something could make people never want to hire you again.”

Making La La Land gave Emma a gift she hadn’t counted on. She describes the experience of acting in La La Land as something that helped her to fall in love with Hollywood all over again, hinting that time spent pursuing her dreams had jaded her to the magic of those very dreams.

When La La Land was finished, Emma found that the magic was there on the big screen as well.

“I cried, like, halfway through at the screening,” Emma Stone says of the Venice Film Festival screening. “I’d already seen the movie with some people who worked on it, and we were excited, but you never know until it gets out there.”

Emma Stone Is Single And In Love

Some fans may not know Emma is still single, because she has always tried to live a very private life. Even through the four years that Stone dated The Amazing Spider-Man star, Andrew Garfield, their relationship was kept as secret as possible. Much of what appeared in the media was rumor and supposition, but, now, Ms. Stone is opening up about being single in Hollywood and about how she really feels about Garfield, following the end of their romance.

“Someone I still love very much,” Emma Stone confesses, when Andrew’s name is brought up.

While Emma may still have feelings for Garfield, she’s confident that splitting from The Amazing Spider-Man star was the best thing for both of them. As she tries to move past that and face the single life in a place like Hollywood, Ms. Stone can only describe it as an “interesting” experience. She adds that the past year has had its good moments, as well as the sad times she has experienced.

For the most part, Emma feels good about her past, as she looks forward to a bright future.

La La Land, starring Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Amiée Conn, will open in theaters on December 16.

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