Why The Chicago Cubs Are Destiny’s Team

For the Chicago Cubs, every game they play in October is exorcising a demon, or as diehard Cubs fans would call it — banishment of the curse. This season and postseason looks like the year of the Cubs. If the Cubs are destiny’s team, it would come at a perfect time to shed the lovable loser designation they have been saddled with for over a century.

Unlike the tag that was given, unlike some of their most faithful fans, this Cubs team do not appear to rattle under the pressure of the game. There is a piece of history that comes with the Cubs as a franchise. Losing is not one that most people should celebrate. There is some romanticism behind the constant let-down that follows every time their names get mentioned. For most teams and their fans, there is nothing lovable about losing. This Chicago Cubs team are only thinking about winning.

Cubs fans have taken it upon themselves to end the so-called “Billy Goat Curse.” Last year, attempts to break the dreaded curse went to the levels of ridiculousness.

According to Bleacher Report, competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi took a shot at defeating the sad history of the Chicago Cubs. That included him and four other people eating an actual goat. While no goats may have been harmed this year in favor of the Cubs, it has not stopped baseball fans from upping the ante on the foolishness.

Perhaps the most memorable moments regarding the Cubs’ curse came during the NLDS series with the San Francisco Giants. But it was not Cubs fans who were living in the past. Several Giants fans were looking to drum up the rough times.

One Giants fan brought a live goat (courtesy of Fox Sports) to Game 4 of the NLDS, with the intentions of distracting Chicago Cubs players.

A second Giants fan came to the game wearing a goat mask (courtesy of Cubs HQ).


Instead of wilting because of the potential distractions, the Chicago Cubs did what was expected of them — they won. And to the chagrin of most people, the Cubs should continue to win.

The Chicago Cubs were the best team in Major League Baseball from wire to wire. When a team is consistently the best team, all of the ideas of curses and thoughts of what can go wrong should not exist. For the most part the Cubs were dominant, as evidenced by their 103 regular season wins. If they lose, they were defeated by a team that outplayed them. As it stands, the Cubs are frontrunners. Having a loser tag is not applicable.

The only chance other MLB teams have to beat the Chicago Cubs is if the game is close. The Cubs were 22-23 in one-run games this season. They have blown out opposing teams 42 times. The latter does not matter as much because playoff baseball is a different animal.

Pitching and defense win baseball games in the month of October. Thus far the pitching has been solid, not stellar, while the defense has inspired.


Multipurpose Cubs infielder Javier Baez is fast becoming a star with his timely hitting and slick glove. Baez is taking the baton from his teammates and he is running with it. The intangibles he has displayed is what elevates teams at a championship level.

The Chicago Cubs are playing championship baseball with their overall attitude. What has been on display is what has propelled teams just like the Giants, who the Cubs eliminated in four games, to have the will to win. Unlike some of their fan base, the Cubs have not hung their heads when things go awry. Again, they are the favorites. It is supposed to be this way.

The Cubs are playing as if they are the frontrunners. Are they familiar with the history of the franchise? Absolutely. History can repeat itself if this Cubs team lament on the failures of the past. So instead of reliving what was, this Cubs team have somehow ignored what came before them, while focusing on what is in front of them. Now the onus is on the fans of the Chicago Cubs to do the same.

[Featured Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]