Could ‘The Originals’ Move To Netflix After Season 4?

There are many rumors that the CW is looking to cancel The Originals after Season 4. The ratings for Season 3 were considerably lower than Season 2, and the move to the midseason slot has got many fans frightened. However, there is the possibility of the show moving to another network. What about it moving to Netflix?

As the Inquisitr previously reported, there are rumors that The Originals is moving to ABC. Nothing has been confirmed and it was possibly just a mistype from another publication. There are no hints from the CW or ABC that the show is moving, and it would be unlikely. The views are too low for ABC to pick it up.


The views for the show have dropped so much that the CW has moved it to the midseason lineup. While Mark Pedowski has said that this is to strengthen the midseason lineup, it is easy to read between the lines. The CW wants The Originals to succeed for a little longer, and the best way of doing that is to move it to the midseason lineup where it stands a better chance. iZombie has moved back to this slot after a poorer than expected Season 2 and The 100 moved back there for Season 3 last year and is remaining there for Season 4. Reign has also been moved to the midseason slot after a poor Season 3.

Another reason for the cancelation rumors is that The Originals Season 4 is only getting a 13 episode order. This is reduced from 22 episodes. It could just be due to the placement in the lineup, but it could also be due to the network considering canceling it. The 13 episodes is just to wind up the storylines to cancel the show.

If this happens, moving to another network is unlikely. Fans of other shows have already seen how difficult it is to get other networks to pick up their favorite shows. Witches of East End ended after two seasons on Lifetime, and fans have still not found out how Season 3 was supposed to go. Penny Dreadful and Agent Carter have both failed to be renewed, and Nashville has fought hard to get Season 5 on another network.


Supergirl‘s move from CBS to the CW may have looked easy, but that is arguably only because the CW is owned by CBS. The CW is also known for lower ratings, so it made more sense to keep Supergirl alive. This has been in the show’s best interest too, after the network saw the largest viewing figures in eight years, according to Blasting News.

The Originals moving to ABC won’t be an easy feat with ratings already below the million marker. It would make more sense for something like Netflix to pick up the program. This is possible with the CW and Netflix already entering into a deal. All shows will now air on Netflix eight days after their season finales. That means The Originals Season 4 will be available eight days after its own finale, likely sometime in April or May.

Fans already watch it on Netflix in the United States. Why not keep it going at least for another year? Fans will be angry if it is canceled with Season 4. Parent show The Vampire Diaries gave fans a warning that it was going to end with its upcoming eighth season. The Originals fans deserve that warning, too. Plus getting the show on Netflix would also make it likely that the rest of the world will get the show on the streaming service.


So far, there are no confirmed decisions. The Originals Season 4 will most likely be on the CW, as the network has already confirmed it for a January 2017 start. Parent Herald has also shared that Hayley will learn more about Hope Miklaeson in the upcoming season. From there, only time will tell but it would make sense for Netflix to pick it up if it were to continue.

[Featured Image by the CW]