Martin Freeman Says His New Zombie Movie Is Serious Art

Martin Freeman, the English actor, is on a visit to Australia to film Cargo, an Australian movie that is based on a short film that went viral after making it to the finals in Australia’s Tropfest in 2013.

The original movie’s central character is a man who is helping his baby daughter to survive a zombie pandemic by finding a suitable guardian for her. In the upcoming full-length film, Martin Freeman reprises the lead role of the man who has to team up with an Indigenous Australian girl to guide him to an Aboriginal tribe that may offer help. In his quest to help his daughter, Martin Freeman’s character must also strive to protect his daughter from himself because his own nature is turning monstrous after being infected by a zombie bite.

Although audiences will get to see some zombies in the upcoming movie, Martin Freeman has stressed that the film is not a typical zombie movie that aims to give viewers nightmares. Instead, the Hobbit actor insists that the movie is a serious piece of art because the “zombie pandemic” depicted in the movie is, in fact, a symbolic representation of the destruction of the planet through environmental degradation. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Martin Freeman revealed that he was enticed by the environmental theme of the movie that does not appear to be dogmatic at all.

“There’s an element of us reaping what we sow with this. What we’re doing to our planet has somehow – no one quite knows how – caused this to happen. It’s not tub-thumpy, though, it’s not preachy.”

Additionally, Martin Freeman was also moved by the movie’s storyline that cherishes the value of human bonding in the face of calamity.

Although the British actor is excited to work in the film, he is clearly annoyed by the mosquitoes that have plagued him during filming. Currently, the actor is stationed at a location amidst coastal scrubland that is 600 km north of Adelaide. According to News Australia, Martin Freeman spoke about how his Australian visit is almost being spoiled by the pestering mosquitoes.

“I’ve been bitten to buggery the last couple of days. They’re really big — prehistoric mosquitoes. They drive me nuts. And the flies… I couldn’t do it; I’m too much of a Pom.”

It appears that the British actor prefers his movies to be filmed on the enchanting hills, grassy slopes, and beautiful valleys as he had earlier enjoyed in New Zealand while working on The Hobbit. Previously, the actor, who played Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit film series, had appreciated New Zealand’s filming locations by calling them “too perfect.”

It is natural for Martin Freeman to be a little upset about the mosquito menace he is currently facing in Australia’s coastal scrubland as the current filming location might have turned out to be different than what the actor had expected. Or it may be that Martin Freeman is not as adventurous as Dr. John Watson, the fictional character that he plays in BBC’s Sherlock.

Besides The Office, Sherlock is another television series that has helped Martin Freeman to progress in his acting career. Sherlock features the Hobbit actor along with Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the lead role of Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective.

The detective television series is set in present-day London, and it shows Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson battling crimes and solving mysteries. Usually, it’s hard to step into the shoes of fictional characters that are so well-established in the minds of audiences, but Martin Freeman’s portrayal of Dr. Watson has been well-received, and it has made the actor more famous than before. Earlier, the Hobbit actor admitted that his work in Sherlock has made him more popular than The Hobbit movie series.

According to Time magazine, a teaser trailer of Sherlock‘s upcoming series has been released, and it is reported that PBS will air the show in 2017.

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