Jennifer Lawrence Scores A Lucrative Role In ‘Passengers,’ But Thousands Petition Against Her Role In ‘Mulan’

Jennifer Lawrence achieved stardom and widespread popularity by playing the role of Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist in the Hunger Games trilogy. Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the popular film series is shown to be a warrior who survives a brutal game which requires opponents to kill each other in the wilderness to win their freedom.

Katniss is a fierce but kind warrior who is well-trained in foraging, hunting, and survival techniques. Once again, Jennifer Lawrence is set to play a role of a survivor by featuring in Passengers, an upcoming romantic science-fiction movie that depicts Jennifer’s character abruptly waking up from a cryogenic sleep while traveling on a space ship that malfunctions while carrying space travelers to another planet.

Jennifer Lawrence will star alongside Chris Pratt amongst the thousands of travelers who wake up from their long sleep only to find themselves in a state of confusion. Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming movie will reveal how the protagonists get along with other passengers to resolve their predicament.

Although the two movies are set in different backdrops, audiences may draw a parallel between Passengers and The Hunger Games, as both the films show love blossoming in trying times. In Passengers, the characters of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are lovers who support each other to survive the space disaster. According to Forbes magazine, Passengers is one of the most expensive movies ever produced, and Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly been paid $20 million for featuring in the film.

Jennifer Lawrence has also reportedly struck a deal with the producers, who offered to pay her 30 percent of the profits of the new movie.

Jennifer Lawrence’s popular on-screen persona as a warrior has reportedly influenced filmmakers who want to remake the Disney animated film Mulan into a live-action movie. Earlier, it was rumored that Jennifer Lawrence would be playing the lead role of Mulan, the legendary Chinese warrior.

The rumor also mentioned that Jennifer was due to be paired opposite Zac Efron, who was tentatively slated to play the heroic Captain Li Shang. However, Disney fans demanded that the filmmakers cast a Chinese actress instead of an American celebrity.

According to Salon, fans have begun to sign an online petition that calls for a Chinese actress to be featured in the lead role of Mulan.

The petition is set to be forwarded to Disney after 110,000 fans validate the it by signing it, and at the time of this writing, fewer than 2,000 more signatures were required to reach the goal. See the petition here.

In other news, the Mirror reported that Jennifer Lawrence suffered yet another setback when her Apple iCloud account was hacked and her private photos were accessed and leaked on the internet.

Jennifer Lawrence may not be perceived as a suitable person to portray a Chinese warrior, but she is considered a humanitarian warrior in her real life. The actress has set up the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, which funds various charities that care for underprivileged children.

Recently, she made a donation of $2 million to establish a cardiac intensive care unit at a Louisville children’s hospital in Kentucky. It appears that it is natural for Jennifer Lawrence to harbor a caring nature, as she once aspired to join the medical profession by becoming a nurse. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence used to assume the role of an assistant nurse when she helped her mother to manage children’s health camps.

Besides caring for children, the Hunger Games actress has also contributed towards humanitarian projects like Feeding America, The Thirsty Project, and the World Food Programme.

Apart from being a kind-hearted celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence is also known to support her fellow celebrities, especially when times are tough. According to News Australia, the kind-hearted actress played a key role in cheering Amy Schumer, the producer of Trainwreck, who was feeling guilty over the death of two women who died in a shooting that took place during the screening of Trainwreck.

By sarcastically and jokingly blaming Amy for the tragedy, Jennifer Lawrence convinced the Trainwreck actress to come to terms with the fact that she did not directly cause the deaths of the two women.

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