Pokémon GO Cheats, Tricks: How To Generate Pokécoins Faster Without Being Banned; Hacks That Still Work

The Pokémon GO craze started dwindling after Niantic Labs decided to permanently ban players who cheat their way through the game using third-party apps. However, the good news is that some hacks still work perfectly well, and now avid players can generate more Pokécoins easily without being banned.

Pokémon GO aficionados understand the importance of being familiar with the Pokécoins that are used to purchase incubators, lure modules, or are required for upgrade. According to Forbes, the only challenge is that players must pay for the Pokécoins, or opt to take over a gym. Now, gamers should be excited with the introduction of a new cheat that offers a useful tool to generate Pokécoins fast and easy.

Jeuxtool is a new tool added to the already popping up Pokémon GO cheats. Other hacks offer joystick, radar, or mapping of Pokémons, but the Jeuxtool has easy steps to add more Pokécoins to the user’s account.

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In fact, a video already exists giving systematic methods on how to use the Jeuxtool. However, players should take caution to use a secondary account to test the cheat to avoid being banned.

Most interesting is the fact that the Jeuxtool can rely on a PC as an alternative. For gamers who have experience playing the AR game using Nox or Bluestacks, the new method provides a good option.

As soon as the player fills out the form, he or she can generate as many Pokécoins as possible. The range to make is between 25,500 and 125,000. At the beginning of the process, it may take some time before the player starts to generate the currency.

While Niantic Labs has banned many of the third-party apps that players used to gain advantage in the game, two of them still work properly. The two Pokémon GO cheats that still work are PokeMesh and PokeWhere.

The PokeMesh hack is the most reliable one when it comes to tracking Pokémons. Since the hack is being used extensively, developers behind it constantly release updates to users via their Twitter account.

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For now, the tracker is experiencing a problem, but the developers have promised to work hard and fix the issue, after which players will get an update. Many players recommend the PokeMesh live radar as the best tool when searching for Pokémon.

On the other hand, the PokeWhere hack can serve as an alternative to the PokeMesh. The developer of this cheat is currently rolling out a poll for users to establish whether or not they are willing to fill a captcha when using the app.

PokeWhere could see a new feature update with the upcoming PokeWhere version to deal with Niantic Labs’ commitment in stopping third-party hacks from accessing Pokémon GO gameplay. The application is suitable for Android and iOS platforms since it a real-time Pokémon GO tracker.

Pokémon GO itself is now on the latest version since the developer released an update recently. The new game update brings major rewards and improves the gym training experience. As a result, trainers can bring along six Pokémon monsters to a gym.

Other additions to the game attributed to the latest update are the egg and incubator screen, wherein players will not be compelled to reopen the screen. Niantic has fixed audio issues, and the evolution animation time has been reduced as well. However, the latest update is only available for selected devices.

Meanwhile, apart from Pokémon GO being just a game, it is changing the lives of gamers. Keshvin Waren was diagnosed with schizophrenia after he attempted suicide in December 2015. According to a report by Vulcan Post, the launch of Pokémon GO has come in handy in helping Waren overcome his problem, and he has stopped medication.

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