Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Quitting After Paris Robbery As ‘KUWTK’ Star Prepares Comeback?

Is Kim Kardashian’s German bodyguard ready to quit working for the reality star? According to several outlets, that could very well be the case.

Hollywood Life makes it known that Pascal Duvier, the bodyguard who was absent from Kim’s side during the frightening robbery inside her rented apartment in Paris, has been overwhelmed with the media coverage his personal life has received in recent days.

From court papers of his filing for bankruptcy to exclusive interviews with his previous partners, openly coming forward and claiming that Pascal was once abusive to them, Duvier is somewhat finding it hard to cope with all the attention that has been placed on him.

Some fans even went on to insinuate on social media that he may have been the person who planned the robbery in order to pay off his million-dollar debt in Germany, as stated by Daily Mail.

“Pascal [Duvier] has been seriously rocked by Kim [Kardashian]’s robbery,” Hollywood Life reveals. “His whole world and integrity have been brought into question since that night in Paris. He is racked with guilt and has been contemplating a new career even though he has not been fired by Kim.”

As the source already mentions, Kim Kardashian and Kanye have not made any moves in firing Pascal Duvier from his full-time position as their security guard. They trust him as much as they trust their own family members. It’s not as if Pascal has only been working with them for a week, he’s been with the couple for plenty of years.

But even that hasn’t reassured Duvier. He still feels guilty for not being there to protect Kim. He’s also become somewhat paranoid of how the people behind the attack knew he wasn’t going to be around the socialite at the time they made their move to tie her up and steal her expensive belongings.

“He can’t stop thinking about the robbery in Paris and has been second-guessing every decision leading up to the incident. He has been cooperating with investigators and is hoping on hope the thieves are caught, but he doubts that will give him any peace.”

More than $11 million worth of items and personal belongings were stolen from Kim Kardashian, including her mobile phones, her wedding ring, necklaces, and expensive dresses from some of Kardashian’s favorite fashion designers, as revealed by ETOnline.

As for Kim, sources believe that the TV personality will make her anticipated comeback sooner than later. The robbery situation frightened her so bad that she wouldn’t even leave her house for the first week after it happened, but now that she has hired new security members to guard her at all times, with the presence of Pascal, she feels safer than ever before.

Several reports claimed that Keeping Up With the Kardashians was in jeopardy, with the chances of the show being canceled following Kim Kardashian’s scary robbery, but insiders close to the production reveal that there are no plans for the TV show to be axed anytime soon.

If anything, the E! network will most likely get their first glimpse at Kim’s life after the incident and how she’s managed to cope ever since, which will all be taped for the forthcoming KUWTK series.

What do you make of Kim Kardashian’s robbery case, and do you think her bodyguard should be blaming himself for what ended up happening in Paris earlier this month?

[Featured Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for The Girls’ Lounge]