Anna Duggar Pregnant Again — Rumors Swirl About Another Baby On The Way

Anna Duggar is making headlines once again. She was seen on the most recent episode of Counting On when Jeremy Vuolo proposed to Jinger Duggar. It has been quite some time since she was on-screen because she has been spending the majority of her time with her husband, Josh Duggar. After his scandals last year, there was plenty to work out without the worry of cameras in their faces documenting their every move. There have only been a few occasions where Anna has been spotted out in public with Josh since his return.

Just last year, Anna Duggar was facing her second bout of humiliation because of Josh Duggar. He was busted in the Ashley Madison scandal and was sent away to rehab for sex and pornography addiction. After six months of rehabilitation, he returned home to his wife and children. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Anna Duggar is rumored to be pregnant with her fifth child. The couple already has four children, two boys, and two girls. The youngest just recently celebrated her first birthday. During the engagement episode of Counting On, Duggar was extremely emotional and sporting what looked like a baby bump. It is possible that she has gained a little bit of weight due to stress but it appeared to be more of a pregnancy belly, not just weight gain.

Fans are definitely expecting a pregnancy announcement from Anna Duggar in the near future. Despite just having her husband return home to her after his infidelity, she is ready to make things work and continue on with their marriage. Duggar has yet to speak out about what happened and her decision to stay, but she did appear happy when the family put out a blog post celebrating their anniversary and “redemptive love” that Anna has shown Josh. There was a lot of pressure on her when the scandal broke and the Duggar family made sure to keep her close so that she didn’t take off or choose to walk out on her husband.

The season of Counting On is about to end and if that is the case, Anna Duggar could announce a pregnancy before it is over. If she is indeed pregnant and early enough, they could save it to help promote the next season of the show. Jinger Duggar has held the spotlight this season with a new courtship, but people are still incredibly fascinated by Anna standing by her husband. It seems she has been battling pregnancy rumors for well over a year now. The Duggar women are known for their love of children and the two daughters who are already married have one son each. In fact, Jessa Duggar announced she is having another baby, and the last time she was pregnant, Anna was right there with her.

It will be interesting to see if a pregnancy announcement comes from Anna Duggar. She will face a lot of criticism, but she will also have support. She mentioned on Counting On how amazing her relationship with Jana Duggar is and how it helped her through some tough times. While Josh Duggar was seeking help for his sex addiction, Anna leaned on the entire family to help her with the kids. She had just welcomed the couple’s fourth child and needed help to get adjusted to what her new normal would be. If Duggar is pregnant, she is likely due in the spring. Her “baby bump” was noticeable, and there was definitely more there than what was remembered. Anna Duggar has had every opportunity to leave her husband but instead chose to stay and work through their issues together.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]