‘South Park’ Season 20: ‘Wieners Out’ Episode Gets Great Reviews [Spoilers]

South Park has not lost its touch. In Wednesday night’s episode, the kids displayed their wieners in order to protest the national anthem, Sheila Broflovski peed on husband Gerald (yes, this really happened), and Gerald was tracked down by a Danish anti-troll website. The war between the boys and girls at South Park Elementary school also got more intense. The episode had so much going on, but judging by the response of fans and critics, everything melded well in the latest episode of South Park.


The website 411Mania said the latest episode of South Park is a memorable one.

“There’s no denying the brilliance of South Park when they are focused on a story. Despite all of the material that the election is providing them, they’re staying away from it in order to tell the story that they set out to tell. That’s some willpower.”

Season 20 of ‘South Park’ has received good reviews so far by most critics and fans. [Image by the Hulton Archive for Getty Images]

The review adds that South Park has sacrificed some laughs in order to create a more story-driven episode, but that they’re still good at combining both. However, some of the commenters after the article thought the episode wasn’t one of South Park‘s best.

“Eh, I wasn’t loving this episode as much. While I appreciate South Park‘s new serialized storytelling, last season they were able to balance it (for the most part) with having each episode be a self-contained story AND have it be funny,” says Street Robbery.

“Yeah, felt this episode fell off compared to the first three. It felt like they were kind of retelling the story, with no comedy… and the comedy it had didn’t fit in too well,” says Jack Squat.

The AV Club gives “Wieners Out” a B+ rating. Critic Dan Graffey says this episode is one that forces the viewer to think about what writers Trey Stone and Matt Parker are trying to get at. He is impressed by this week’s sight gag, in which after Gerald lies to his wife, Sheila, about watching piss porn, he is forced to actually experience it with her. The commenters after this article are more positive than the ones on 411 Mania.

South Park is the kind of show I love to be hilarious and I love when it’s only hilarious in spurts. I only really laughed a few times this episode, but I think each laugh was one of the best laughs of the season so far,” claims Matt Livingstone.

“I’m loving this season. This episode was hilarious and the story this season is building feels exciting. If there’s any weaknesses, it’s that there are almost too many avenues for social commentary,” says Beema.

A majority of the responses on Twitter were very positive.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker recently spoke to Vanity Fair about how they keep South Park relevant and fresh after 20 years.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone keep coming up with new ideas for ‘South Park.’ [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“For whatever it’s worth, we still do everything we did when we first started. We really haven’t handed the show off to anyone. So for better or worse, it’s not like people trying to constantly recreate what South Park was — we’re constantly trying to figure out something new for it to be,” Trey Parker claims when asked how they keep their feet on the gas pedal every season.

Matt Stone says that he and Trey get bored easily, which helps the show. This makes them constantly try and do new things. More often than not, as demonstrated by “Wieners Out,” Stone and Parker’s experimentation hits the exact right spot.

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