Where To Buy ‘Harry Potter’ Makeup And Brushes

Accio wallet — there’s going to be a Harry Potter makeup brush collection available for purchase. Independent beauty company Storybook Cosmetics announced on their Instagram page today that they will be offering a brand new collection of themed Harry Potter makeup brushes shaped like wizard wands.

The makeup brushes come in five different shapes designed for applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, and powder. The exciting part of the brushes, however, is the handle — each of the five brushes has its own handle designed to look like a wand from the Harry Potter universe.

Because the Harry Potter-styled makeup brushes aren’t officially licensed Harry Potter products, Storybook Cosmetics refers to them as the “Wizard’s Wand” collection. However, the Harry Potter influence on the design is unmistakable. The middle brush in the image above has a handle that closely resembles the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in the Harry Potter universe.

Lord Voldemort’s wand, with its thick base and curved end tip, also looks to be an inspiration for one of the Harry Potter brushes.

The second wand from the right in the Harry Potter collection has intricate detailing reminiscent of Hermione’s wand.

According to Storybook Cosmetics’ original Instagram post, the makeup brushes will be available for purchase within six weeks, and will likely sell out quickly.

These makeup brushes go perfectly with the Harry Potter-themed eyeshadow that Storybook Cosmetics announced today as well, also via Instagram post.

Finalizing the artwork! The countdown begins.

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The eyeshadow palette, entitled “The Sorting Palette,” resembles an old leatherbound book similar to the ancient magical tomes found in the Harry Potter universe. The eight eyeshadows within the palette are all named after traits that are representative of the four Harry Potter houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.

Gryffindor is “Brave” and “Daring,” Ravenclaw is “Clever” and “Wise,” Huflepuff is “Friendly” and “Loyal,” and Slytherin is “Cunning” and “Sly.” The colors of each house are the same as the colors within the Harry Potter universe: Gryffindor is red and gold, Ravenclaw is blue and bronze, Hufflepuff is black and yellow, and Slytherin is green and silver.

SURPRISE! After a year in the making, we have our FIRST product coming!!! Keep an eye on this page in the coming weeks!

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It seems fitting that a line of Harry Potter brushes has been announced, because Photoshopped images of Harry Potter makeup palettes recently became viral news. The palettes, which were similar to the Harry Potter “Sorting Palette” announced by Storybook Cosmetics, each represented the four houses as well.

Each palette depicted had six shades of eyeshadow, with the shades named after the famous traits of each Harry Potter house.

The Photoshopped palettes even came with their own Harry Potter-themed brushes: this time, the makeup brushes had feathers on the end, as a reference to the quills used as writing utensils in the Harry Potter universe.

For Potter fans who cannot wait six weeks to get their hands on the wand-shaped brushes and themed eyeshadow palette, there’s good news: some online retailers already have Harry Potter makeup available.

Shiro Cosmetics, an online makeup store known for its themed makeup collections, offers lipgloss inspired by Butterbeer, a popular Harry Potter beverage.


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The store also sells lip glosses inspired by Harry Potter potions: Felix Felicis, Polyjuice, and Amortentia.

Potion glosses? Potion glosses! Amortentia, Felix Felicis, and Polyjuice will be up in just about 12 hours.

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Harry Potter fans were delighted to discover the extend of the collection, which includes eye, lip, and face products. Some fans tweeted about the Harry Potter makeup products available on the Shiro Cosmetics website.

Other Harry Potter-themed bath and beauty products can be found through a quick search through Etsy. Butterbeer appears to be a common flavoring and scent for lip products, which makes perfect sense; of course Muggles would want to try the tasty drink!

This beautiful Butterbeer balm has a slight shimmery gold glow and smells like Butterbeer! Order yours at www.SoapPretty.ie

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For fans of the Harry Potter series, costumes and books are just the beginning — the magic can be found in Potter-themed soaps, lipsticks, embroideries, and more. With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them headed to movie theaters next month, the demand for Harry Potter items is only going to increase.

Will you be purchasing the Harry Potter makeup brushes?

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