July 11, 2017
Indiana Teen Charged As Adult For Rape And Murder Of Mentally Disabled Woman

Carolyn Rimpson was the name of a 61-year-old woman who went missing for roughly a week two years ago. After the week had passed, police discovered her remains on an abandoned property within two blocks of her house.

Police believe Carolyn was talking to someone on her cell phone shortly before she went missing, according to earlier reports. The autopsy revealed the woman was murdered on September 29, 2015. Blunt force trauma was determined to be the cause of death. According to Rimpson's neighbors, she was mentally disabled, in early onset of Alzheimer's, and was a well-known member of the community.

Two years ago, neighbors described the mentally disabled woman as a "very nice lady." According to the original report from ABC 7 two years ago, the neighbors of the mentally disabled woman could not begin to fathom why anyone would want to hurt her. She was described by other members of the community as "friendly" and "easy going." Some of her neighbors even noted that she was a very easy woman to talk to.

"She really was an easy-going person, very friendly, someone that they talked to everyday. A lot of people in that area knew her."
According to ABC 7, 17-year-old Calvin Dimetrius Poston from Gary, Indiana, is being charged with the 2015 murder of Carolyn Rimpson. The Indiana teen faces several different charges, including murder in perpetration of a robbery, rape, criminal confinement, and robbery resulting in serious bodily injuries. It was on Friday that the prosecutors revealed the Indiana teen would be tried and charged as an adult for these crimes.

This isn't the first time the Indiana teen has had a run-in with the law regarding charges of rape and battery. On Friday, the prosecutor revealed the teen was also being charged with battery that resulted in bodily injuries and attempted rape. These charges are based on an incident with a different woman which happened on November 29, 2015, nearly two months after the teen allegedly raped and murdered Carolyn Rimpson.

Close-up of police crime scene tape
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Detective Sergeant Jeremy Ogden has been credited for the developments to Carolyn Rimpson's cold case, which ultimately led to capturing the teenager who reportedly murdered and raped her.

Do you think this Indiana teen should be charged as an adult for the multiple crimes he allegedly committed against two different women including rape, murder, battery, and robbery? Share your thoughts on this horrific crime in the comments' section which can be found down below.

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