DC Debuts Promo Art Showing New Superman Suit

John Stegeman

Superman is getting a new suit.

Superman has been known by many names in his time. Clark Kent, Kal-El, The Man of Steel, and the Last Son of Krypton are just a handful of his monikers, but throughout his existence there have been a few near constants. Namely, his suit has almost always been blue with a red 'S' emblazoned on his chest.

In an upcoming issue of Action Comics, however, the world's most famous hero will be going dark. Newarama reports that writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony Daniel will be taking over Action Comics from Adam Morrison and the accompanying promo art (seen in full below) shows that Superman's suit is mostly black, with a red cape, silver or gray boots and a silver 'S' on a gray shield.

Nerdage reports that the look is not unlike Superman's outfit from the 1990s after he returned following the Death of Superman storyline, contrasted with a belt more reminiscent of his look so far in the New 52.

Though it isn't the first time Superman has had a costume change (who can forget Superman Red and Superman Blue?), fans will no doubt be debating immediately as to whether or not the change is temporary or permanent. As for DC, they're not saying. The reports naming Diggle and Daniel as part of the creative team was accompanied by the promo image of the new suit, but there was no mention of the change.

“I look forward to drawing each and every character in Superman's universe,” Daniel said. “I anticipate this being a fun ride for me and hopefully for Superman fans as well. I can't wait to get Andy's first script and sharpening my pencils.”

Superman gets a black suit

What do you think, is the new look a fresh take, or do you prefer the classic blue?