Brothel Prostitute Tells All About Lamar Odom’s OD On Anniversary [Warning Adult Language]

One of the prostitutes that was with Lamar Odom at the Nevada brothel when he overdosed is speaking out about the event and telling all in a blog post on the anniversary of his drug and alcohol overdose. Monica Monroe shared shocking new details about her interactions with the former NBA player. Monroe, an employee of the Love Ranch, claims she bonded with Odom during his brothel stay.

Now that the anniversary of Lamar Odom’s overdose is here, friends and family of Odom are doing everything they can to get him into rehab, according to the Inquisitr. Former MLB star Darryl Strawberry is reaching out to Odom and offering him a hand up. Strawberry, a former addict, owns two rehab facilities and says he is uniquely qualified to help Odom because he understands what it’s like to be a celebrity with a drug problem.


Monica Monroe, a prostitute at a legal brothel in Nevada, is writing a blog post about the Lamar Odom overdose at the Love Ranch, says RadarOnline. She claims that Odom was unable to have sex during his stay at the brothel despite taking erectile dysfunction drugs.

“No sex occurred while Lamar was at the Love Ranch. We talked, we laughed, and we shared our sorrows, but we didn’t have sex. I took the opportunity to strip him naked and gave him a full body massage. I was determined to have my way with his ample sized penis, but he just couldn’t get it up.”


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Instead of engaging in sex, Monroe says that she spoke with Lamar Odom about struggles that each of them had in their own lives, including Odom’s estrangement from Khloe Kardashian. Monroe writes that she had just lost her longtime boyfriend to a shooting, and Lamar was still pining over Kardashian.

She also says that the Love Ranch gets many high-profile clients, and some were unwilling to come after the Lamar Odom overdose because they worried about their privacy.


“Dennis Hof’s establishments get an impressive amount of celebrity and high-profile visitors, and we’re known for maintaining confidentiality and privacy for all of our clients. After Lamar overdosed, it was perceived by many of my high-profile clients that I was no longer discreet, or that I was the type of person to ‘kiss and tell.'”

Monroe says that Dennis Hof is considering suing Lamar Odom because of the loss of business.

“I spoke with Dennis Hof numerous times about the negative impact this had on my business and he mentioned to me that he was considering suing Lamar for the damage done to Dennis’s reputation. I know that my professional reputation was severely, nearly fatally, tarnished by last year’s events, although I’m not sure if Lamar could be held legally responsible for the repercussions of this tragedy.”

Dennis Hof has been known to try to capitalize on the tragedy, as was seen when he offered tours of the room where Odom OD’d for a cash fee.


It has been one year since Lamar Odom overdosed, and though his recovery has been miraculous, E! says that Odom is still fighting his demons. Lamar had been using drugs, including an herbal Viagra and drinking when he went into cardiac arrest, followed by strokes. Odom was in a coma for a time after, but he has recovered much of his everyday functions in only a year.

Though Lamar Odom still hopes to play basketball again, his family is hoping that he puts his effort into getting clean.

Do you think that the Love Ranch prostitute is violating confidentiality writing about Lamar Odom’s stay at the brothel?

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