Whoopi Goldberg Feud: ‘The View’ Co-Host Fighting With Joy Behar [Report]

It looks like Whoopi Goldberg has a feud. The View is known for its fights among co-hosts, so it’s no surprise to discover that there might be tension brewing yet again between the co-hosts. That said, this isn’t the only time Whoopi has supposedly bumped heads with a cast member.

If you remember, Goldberg and former co-host Rosie O’Donnell didn’t get along when the star made her second return to The View. Upon the star’s return, Goldberg was already moderator of the show for years, and according to sources, O’Donnell didn’t like that she had all the control. Given that the two have very strong personalities, this wound up being a recipe for disaster.

Whoopi Goldberg’s feud with Rosie O’Donnell reportedly drove O’Donnell to leave the show early. As The Wrap reported, while parties related to the show had denied that there was bad blood between the two ladies of The View, Rosie’s adoptive daughter, Chelsea, revealed the truth in a tell-all interview. At the time Chelsea told MailOnline, “She and Whoopi didn’t get along and she’d come home and talk about how she was stoned on set and she was being really mean to her.” Of the situation, O’Donnell allegedly said, “I don’t need this much stress.”

As we know, the official reason behind O’Donnell’s departure was due to stress, but she never pointed out what was causing that stress factor.

Now, it looks like Whoopi Goldberg’s feud is with another outspoken co-host, Joy Behar. This time around, Behar has the seniority instead of Goldberg. According to Radar Online, the two are embroiled in a “TV war” despite playing nice for viewers at home.

A source told the outlet, “Whoopi and Joy appear to get along in front of the cameras, but backstage, it’s a different matter. They’re mortal enemies — and Joy wants to be the queen bee!”

So where does this bad blood stem from? Well, according to insiders, they say it’s because Goldberg was mad about Behar’s “grandstanding” with her 2013 exit, only to return a few months later. Sound familiar?

While Whoopi Goldberg’s new feud with Joy Behar may be true, it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things because Goldberg has plans to leave The View after her contract is up in 2017. Prior to the star renewing her contract, there were rumors that negotiations were still going on, and she might not return for the current year of The View. Now that she signed on for one more year, sources said she’s telling people that this is her final year on the show.

In an interview with Wendy Williams, she admitted that she’s probably leaving The View after her contract is up.

“I have to do it, baby, because I have to go and grow. I got stuff to do, I got movies I need to direct, I got books I got to finish. This was great and I love doing it, but it’s been a while and they’re in their 20th season, they did this without me.”

Whoopi Goldberg latest feud hasn’t gotten a sound bite from the former stand-up comedian just yet, but the star might comment soon. The last time Whoopi made headlines it was for defending herself on Twitter. In August, The Daily Mail had claimed Goldberg was behind Paula Faris’ exit from The View. The moderator wasn’t having any of that and ranted on Twitter about the erroneous report.

What do you think about Whoopi’s latest feud?

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