Douglas Carlile: ‘Dateline’ NBC — North Dakota Oil Investor, James Henrikson, Killed Partner In Murder-For-Hire Scheme

Douglas Carlile, a Spokane businessman, was shot and killed in his home in a hired hit over a North Dakota oil field business deal that went sour. Dateline NBC has been following the case and will bring you the latest in the Dateline episode titled, “A Dangerous Man.” On the show, viewers will listen to commentary from Doug Carlile’s widow, Elbert. Police detectives who solved the case will also give some inside details.

Douglas Carlile’s case made headlines in December 2013. Investigators say Doug Carlile was ambushed and shot multiple times in his kitchen. The victim’s wife called 911 with details about the shooter.

The call came into police as a home invasion shooting in the South Hill area of Spokane, Washington. But when investigators arrived, there appeared to be no burglary or robbery since nothing had been taken from the home. The possibility of a drug deal gone bad was also ruled out.

Detectives zeroed in on Douglas Carlile’s business partner, James Henrikson. And the reason that they targeted Henrikson is even more bizarre. After the shooting, detectives say Doug Carlile’s son told them that his father said that if anything ever happened to him to take a look at James Henrikson.

Turns out, James Henrikson had a huge grievance against Doug Carlile. According to Henrikson, Douglas Carlile owed him more than $1 million.

James Henrikson had recently gone into business with Doug Carlile regarding oil field development in North Dakota. Doug Carlile had made an investment into the business. But then a dispute flared up over sales, property, and other transactions related to the North Dakota oil fields.

The lead from Douglas Carlile’s son turned out to be a good one, and police busied themselves by gathering enough evidence against James Henrikson.

Witnesses had seen a white van speeding away from the South Hill home that Sunday night. Video surveillance had also captured it. A glove dropped at the scene contained DNA which was later matched to Timothy Suckow. The police investigation revealed that James Henrikson devised a murder-for-hire plot to get rid of Douglas Carlile.

Robert Delao was brought in as the middle man to arrange the hit with Timothy Suckow, a 52-year-old ex-con with an extensive criminal record that included robbery, rape, and fraud. After the killing, James Henrikson was upset that Tim Suckow didn’t kill Doug Carlile’s wife, since she was a witness.

Authorities say that James Henrikson eventually admitted his role in masterminding the murder of his former partner. He also admitted to paying Timothy Suckow $20,000 for the murder of K.C. Clarke, who disappeared in 2012. Henrikson wanted Kristopher Clarke dead after he suspected that he wanted to break away from the trucking company and steal customers to grow his own business.

On the stand, Tim Suckow told the court what happened to K.C. Clark, according to Spokesman.

“Suckow recalled shaking Clarke’s hand moments before he struck him four times in the back of the head with a floor jack handle. He then spent what ‘seemed like hours’ cleaning Clarke’s blood from the floor of Henrikson’s truck shop near Watford City. Suckow said Henrikson was nearby during the violent attack and did nothing to stop it, then paid Suckow $20,000 for the murder. Clarke was buried in a shallow grave on state park land south of Williston. He recalled cradling the dead body of Clarke in his arms, his head wrapped in a garbage bag to keep blood from spilling out.”

Douglas Carlile was a father and a grandfather who will truly be missed. According to his obituary found at Legacy, “Doug left behind his loving wife of 42 years; six grown children with spouses; and 20 grandchildren.”

According to KXLY, James Henrikson received a life sentence, and Tim Suckow was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Doug Carlile. Catch an all new Dateline NBC this Friday, October 14, at 9/8 p.m. Central. Last week’s Dateline dealt with Dana Rosendale.

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